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Reflection of a Soul Child

My 40+ year old baby cousin, Deanna, has been singing since she was 3; at least that was when I first experienced her singing, “I’m a Lion” from The Wiz. Since then, I have cried every time I hear her voice.  It takes my breath away.  Living away from Chicago most of my adult life, I have been deprived of her gift, but I do know enough to pay homage to the group and director that developed her song – The Soul Children.  – Victorine


I became a Soul Child in 1986. My first recording was We Are One. I saw SCC sing in concert with Sidney Evans at Third Baptist Church and my friends from Trinity UCC Clyde, Melanie and Stephanie were members and invited our church youth choir to attend. They had me at “Jesus You Brought Me All the Way” and by the third Look, Look, Look… I knew I had to find a way to be a member.

Auditions were held at Visitation Catholic Church on 55th street a block or two west of Halsted and walking distance from my Englewood house. The scariest audition of my life but one of the best things that ever happened to me, the rest is a beautiful history.

I have traveled around the world singing and lifting up Christ and still try to do the warm ups Mr. Whitman taught us before ministry. He always stressed the importance of God in feeling and understanding what you sing about. He knows and cares about each of us no matter how old we get. Being A Soul Child is priceless. Thank you Dr.Walter Whitman and congratulations on 35 years of ministry and sharing your gift with children who love to sing! #proudsccalum #scc35yearsstillstand

Be on the lookout for the DVD/CD release of the 35th Anniversary Reunion Recording of Dr. Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago.


Deanna Walcott Kemp

-Deanna Walcott-Kemp

Deanna also sings with Chicago Mass Choir, which recently won a Stellar Award. She was featured on their Grammy nominated Live in Nashville project. She has had the opportunity to minister and tour in Switzerland, Greece and Spain.  Currently, the project she is featured on is the Trinity United Church of Christ CD project.

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