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Our Ears are Wide Open, and We Need Your Voice!

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You are so dynamic in the way you flow. This page is dedicated to hearing your voice on the soul-inspired topic of each issue.

This issue on "Community" conjured up insightful responses to our question:



Beverly Hill

To me it means supporting and looking out for each other; sharing our gifts and talents with one another; living harmoniously and, most importantly, loving and having each other’s backs.

Bradford Thompson

When I rode the bus to work during my time in Pittsburgh, I would find my attitude turning to cynical and angry. People would bother me by their mere existence. One day I caught myself feeling this way and decided to love each person on the bus. I would sit in the back and look at the back of each persons head and say (silently), "I love you" to each one. By the time I got to work (or home from work) I was at peace with all of this community. All.

Tonya Yeargin

During the rain Storm...most basements were flooded and the neighborhood got together to help anyone in the block that needed help clearing their basement. This was a wonderful visible moment. Communication was held and opened for days, weeks and hopefully years to come....most folks had not been seen or been out since the Pandemic. This is an older generation of folks and I love it!

Wanda Gail Campbell

Heart Conditions

Mary Young Griffin

A Village, something that has almost disappeared from so many communities today.


Vicki Goldston, Founder, Garden Spices Magazine

Garden Spices (GS) thanks you so much for your contributions. As you browse this issue, you will meet our community of creators. We'll be opening our gate to"Gifts" our next issue, November 4th. What gifts do you bring to the universe? What in your life do you consider to be a gift?

Are you a poet, writer, designer, artist? We welcome you to become a part of our family. Contact us, and join our creative community. Gate open!

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