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Our Ears are Wide Open, and We Need Your Voice!

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You are so dynamic in the way you flow. This page is dedicated to hearing your voice on the soul-inspired topic of each issue.

This issue on "Thoughts" conjured up insightful responses to our question:


Photo by David Rhodes


Laura Delfino

Thoughts are our human expression of consciousness. And consciousness is everything; it is past present and future; it is creation itself. We are what we think.

Mary Young

Feeling like a Mary J Blige Day “Good Morning Gorgeous”

Dr. Joyce Brown

How do we celebrate freedom (July 4) in a place that continually takes away liberties without the consent of the governed.

Billie Billups

Energy wants to move. When it is stuck it causes stress and discomfort. Since we are energy it’s our responsibility to keep our energy moving. Your body will thank you

Sheila Hayes Smiley

Never knew how true the words to the song "The Way We Were" would be in the year 2023!

M. LaRae

Remaining calm in chaos so focusing on the sounds of ocean waves with a salt rimmed glass in my hand

Pat Ricks Brewer

I was not thinking about anything until you asked. Thinking can cause me to rethink what I was thinking!!! Sometimes I can’t remember what I was thinking, especially when I go to the kitchen and I have already forgotten what I went for!!! Think about it!!!

Kaytrina P. Simmons

I’m thinking how I wished our city was more diverse to include all communities! I think of this daily! It tugs my heart all the time!’ what a joy. How to unite and support each other and not destroy.

Ellen Collins Davis

I'm thinking about my ancestors. Realizing that even though I am not completely at peace with everything they did I would not be here without them.

Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell

I am listening to and contemplating the wisdom of the Mystic path. I love the diversity of featured speakers and the unique individual experiences.

Benjamin Newbern

Thinking about how this area only celebrates Helen Keller as a child, and not what she did as an adult. Also thinking about what bread to bake next

Beverly Hill

Good thoughts about my (deceased dad’s) barbecues: a big smoker grill he made out of an old hot water heater, whole standing chicken grilled atop a can of beer, homemade bbq sauce mopped on ribs with a handmade mop from rags and a stick, my mom’s baked beans and potato salad, string beans and roasted corn on the cob. Those were the days

I, Rev. Bobby, am thinking about the fact that Saturday is July. Talk about Shazaam.....


Vicki Goldston, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Garden Spices thanks you so much for your contributions. As you browse this issue, you will discover many like-minded travelers, moving through the power of their thoughts.

Our next issue, September 4th, is all about "Community." We'll be looking forward to reading your comments.


Rev. Bobby Yarbrough

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