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  • Richard MacKay


Art by Richard McKay


In what rooms

have you lived?


I’ve been in many

different kinds of rooms growing up,

going to school rooms

and back to study in my room again.

There was our living room

where I practiced and played piano.


Maybe these rooms gave me,

in a three-dimensional space,

a sense of safety, relationship, and creativity,

to have my life relationships nurtured.


There have been rooms

where I worked for my uncle

and got paid for the first time.

Other rooms where my family

started a business

that went on for a while,

and then ended.


So many rooms In my life,

rooms and relationships,

most often good in some way.

These spaces sheltered and gave

me room to learn and grow.


Rooms today have changed for us all;

maybe into television or cyberspace,

or being on your computer,

or in a room with Facebook friends.

Maybe it’s only a different

kind of room to grow into and be.


When I was young,

sometimes, I also chose to go outside

and to climb a tree

and feel the joy of outside,

though I never thought about it much,

the dimensions of that space.


Reality hasn’t changed much

just the room space.




-Richard MacKay

Things that inspire me:

Learning in a variety of ways: literary, analytic, experimental, communicational, and compassionate.

Creative endeavors, such as art, music, poetry, and dance. Hiking in the woods or in nature. Feeling the energy of oneness in nature that is not felt in the city. Strumming on the guitar and composing poetic verses.

The spirit of oneness in my experience. The connection between different facets of my experience, such as visual colors, harmonies, nature, and language. Spirituality is sensing my world as both.

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