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New Directions: Strategies for Release

Release is an incredibly powerful word – especially today when we are facing multiple challenges and changes in a world affected by a pandemic, continued racial inequality, and, in the U.S., a nation split along two very different ideological lines.

As an empath (one who feels other’s emotions), I have been thrown off balance and lost my center more than normal. One saving grace for me has been that I have always been a student and have culled various strategies over the years to cope with change and emotional turmoil.

A great strategy for today’s world comes from a discipline called Access Consciousness. When you feel that you are out of balance – tired – cranky – depressed – sad- etc. – you might just ask yourself, “who does this belong to?” As energetic beings, most of us pick up energy from those around us, and what you might be feeling isn’t even yours. If you feel lighter after saying this to yourself, you can bet that it definitely isn’t yours. You can then proceed to say mentally, return to sender with consciousness attached.

Another strategy is EFT – a tapping technique on Traditional Chinese Acupuncture meridians. You can find all kinds of information regarding the technique itself all over the internet. It’s easy, simple, and fast, can release a lot of emotional confusion and baggage, and you can perform it on yourself effectively.

If you want more clarity about what you should be doing in these times, I would definitely consider getting an astrological chart done. I have studied this art form for years, and it is an excellent road-map to guide you on your very own personal and individual path. Did you know that your chart (which consists of the placement of the planets (the what of you) in houses (where it happens) around a 360-degree wheel (a picture of how and where they interact) will never be exactly repeated for 25000 years? As such, you are a unique individual with a definite path that I believe you have chosen when you come into this earthly plane.

As we are experiencing such heightened emotions, a lot of others (media, groups, family, friends) may be (some with good intentions) suggesting what you should or should not be doing during this critical time. Unfortunately, the problem may be that others do not know what you have been called to do this time around (yes, I do believe in reincarnation – a topic for another time).

Astrology won’t really tell you anything you don’t already know – but it will help you verify what is right for you.  As we go through the rest of this year – yes, I do believe we will be in turmoil until December – it is a perfect time to become calm and clear about who you are and what you are here to embrace and release during these historic times. May it be so for you and yours.  

— Linda Isbell

Linda Isbell was raised in the Midwest, graduated from Saint Louis University and hired into a corporate management position with Reynolds Metals Company. She met, married and traveled with her husband for a number of years before moving back to his home place – The Shoals in Alabama. There Linda was introduced to life coaching and took to it like “duck to water”. Her empathetic nature coupled with a desire to help people help themselves; led her to and through a number of certifications, in different modalities. Linda currently practices as a Wellness Coach plying her trade in Florence, Alabama.  In addition to her coaching practice, she has embarked on a brand new adventure.  Linda is currently the manager of a rock and blues band called The River Benders.  Check them out on their Facebook page – TheRiverBenders. / (256) 764-1153

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