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New Directions: Strategies for Peaceful Closure

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Closure – sooner or later we all have a need to bring an end to something – but how do we best find a way that frees us from the emotional entanglement that keeps us stuck?  Closure only seems necessary when dealing with our difficult emotions about an ending – as we all want to treasure the beautiful moments we have lived. It’s the people, places and times that bring us pain which require a successful strategy for completion.  The ancient Hawaiian belief tells us that we have a built in mechanism to cope until we are ready to release our pain – we put it in a little black bag and push it down out of our consciousness and periodically, it resurfaces to ask us are we ready – if not we push it down again and again.  This strategy is great as it gives us some time and distance to process but can be problematic, if we push it down enough times without resolving the stressor. Our body then finds another way to deal with this stuck energy – it creates a “dis-ease” in an attempt to get our attention another way.


Another option is Eden Energy Medicine.  This strategy works with a number of physical points, meridians and chakras to release the energy/emotion from the body itself.  It’s fascinating to me that we actually do store this energy in different parts of our body – in uniquely individual ways.  We can energy test to help us discover just where this energy is hiding and work in those areas to effectively release it.

While there a few more techniques I use when working with individuals like Access Consciousness, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – the point is that we have a number of different options at our disposal that allow us to find closure with ease and grace.  May it be so for you.

– Linda Isbell, Columnist ‘New Directions’ / / (256) 764-1153

Linda Isbell

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