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New Directions: My Personal Journey

As I begin this piece, I am at an auspicious time in my journeying in numerous ways. As I look back on my journey to date, I am ever thankful and filled with gratitude for the life I have lived. While filled with common and not so common ups and downs, I am especially thankful for the way I have come to view how the world turns and what I can do in my small corner of it to live a richer and fuller life. In addition, and ever so hopefully, that my experiences will touch others in a loving, kind and uplifting way as well.

Having lived a number of years on this planet, I have come to believe that life is never lived in a straight line. I think it more closely resembles a spiral. As such you have the opportunity to explore similar themes in a rather consistent manner – returning in a circular/spiral pattern to the energy of specific types of challenges and joys.   Hopefully upon your return to these energies, you will have advanced in your understanding and wisdom. A sort of deja vu, all over again with a deeper understanding of the situation(s) you draw to you and an ability to handle them more easily and wisely.

It also can be viewed in astrological terms – in an astrological birth chart you have the opportunity to experience growth in very specific ways and in very specific individual times. One way is thru transits -when outward circumstances in your world collide with your soul pattern – when a transiting (moving) planet in the heavens aspects a particular point in your individual chart, it may do so numerous times throughout your life. You may have different experiences as this happens but the theme will always be associated with the energy of those two planets connecting.

So – right now for me – things are moving and shaking and resembling similar energies to the energies I experienced in the late 60’s and early 70’s. As I wrote in a previous piece, this time around has been one that calls me to a more internal experience of what change can look like. In that piece, however, I really didn’t explain fully “the hows” I have come once again to focus on when consciously practicing the art of manifesting.

First and most importantly, one needs to be aware of “don’t wants”. I am sure a number of us right now have certainly had the opportunity to focus on that. But to stay there, means to vibrate and call to you more “don’t wants”. So why are they so important? They allow your next step to be – well, what do I want?

As you focus on what you want, things can get tricky. If you don’t have them and you surely don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be here in your experience – you may start feeling bad that things are not working out for you and you can easily slip back into “don’t want” mode. A more productive way to proceed is to begin to imagine that you actually have that new experience/thing and then to pay attention to what that feels like. This is an essential step in the process. As you amp up your feelings about possessing or experiencing the object of your wants brought to realization, your vibration/attraction pattern follows suit. Taking time to do this every day is very important. In fact, every time you find yourself slipping into a “don’t want” – take a moment and a deep breath and imagine with deep feelings your life with your desire(s) fulfilled.

Finally, the last step in manifesting – which can also be the hardest for us all – let go and allow Source energy to create the circumstances and opportunities that will bring that object of desire into your space. The way it works is that you take care of the “wants” by amping up your joy when thinking about them and Source energy takes care of the how. This, for many of us, is not how we learned we should proceed to gain the object of our desires.   We were taught that hard work and struggle must come before successful results.   That we must have a definite detailed plan in place in order to proceed successfully.   However, as Woody Allen said aptly “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him (Her) about your plans.”

So there it is my friends. A four-step process more easily explained than accomplished. My intention is to stay focused and practice this formula moving forward. If you are so called, I hope you do the same. Until next time – Ashay and Amen. / / (256) 764-1153

Linda was raised in the Midwest, graduated from Saint Louis University and hired into a corporate position with Reynolds Aluminum. She met, married and traveled with her husband for a number of years before moving back to his home place – The Shoals in Alabama. There Linda was introduced to life coaching and took to it like “duck to water”. Her empathetic nature coupled with a desire to help people help themselves; led her to and through a number of certifications, in different modalities. Linda currently practices as a Wellness Coach plying her trade in Florence, Alabama.

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