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New Directions: Dance On


I grew up in a household that loved music.  Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of listening to the radio and watching my parents dance.  I learned and still know most of the words to a great number of songs from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – and can never quite stop myself from moving some part of my body to a catchy tune.

When my husband agreed to take dance lessons – it was really me who had a more difficult time with it.  I had learned to dance “organically” by watching my parents and then dancing with my dad at an early age.  So, the slow and sometimes torturous “correct method and steps” were something I never really enjoyed.  I was always happy to get to the part that allowed me to move to the rhythm(s) and see where it took me.

Linda and husband, Terry

Music and lyrics have always been incredibly powerful to me – especially if you can find a way to let go and connect from a place deep inside.  This is the one medium I found that called to me in such a deep and profound way – making me happy, wistful, sad – really evoking a wide variety of emotions – I could always count on to set me free in a way nothing else could.

What I learned from my dad in the last stage of his life was also associated with music.  He had Alzheimer’s for the last 12 years of his life.  As we watched his world deteriorate piece by piece, the last connection he had before we lost him completely was his ability to “dance to the music”.  He no longer knew any of us and had forgotten what a fork was for, but he still could move to the rhythms of a good tune.   A potent testament to the influence of music on our soul.

Now that my mom has passed on – I often think of two of them together again – surely dancing to the music that is playing while they dip and sway to a heavenly beat.   Dance on sweet parents of mine! / / (256) 764-1153

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