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Mental Happiness

Mental Happiness easily becomes shrouded by the limits of one’s mental ability to be clear. If we want to feel happy, we must sustain mental Happiness. The mind and body work in harmony. Happiness gets sabotaged when the brain is locked into a frenzy of problem-solving details or the body becomes riddled with emotional unpleasantries.

Often the expression that the longest journey for a human is about thirteen inches or 33 centimeters between the brain and the body. So, we need not try to find “Greener grass” on the other side of our body, rather well-fertilized, clean-cut grass within. Wouldn’t you rather have a boxed picnic lunch on a nice lawn versus an untidy field of weeds?

Having “Mental Happiness” requires continuous maintenance. It’s not something we switch off and on. Instead, it is well-tuned to a strict diet of positive thinking, believing in beautiful events, and physical awareness of a healthy body and its environment.

Without a doubt, many challenges face us each day. And, those who practice being in a state of mental Happiness do their utmost to cognitively not get captured by disappointing circumstances. With keen mental awareness, we can successfully confront the inevitable heartache for the better part of Life.

There exists a mental algorithm that I use and, when applied, could be the approach to sustaining mental Happiness. Please don’t get caught up, in theory, promulgating this algorithm; instead, sense how it is a work in process. Virtually, there is a CAUSE from which everything (intent, thoughts, purpose) originates. With that, you get an EFFECT. From that effect, an experience is generated. Consider the experience an event that brings forward a circumstance. The components of the circumstances subject you to your consequences. You are now in an environment of change and new actions, and hopefully, you will accumulate Wisdom. In a nutshell, the mental algorithm goes like this:

  1. From nothing

  2. Cause becomes activated

  3. Effects are generated

  4. Experiences presented

  5. Circumstances are involved

  6. Consequences disclose

  7. Learning and Wisdom attained

As the mental activities unfold, physical and emotional activities present themselves—this is a Life Algorithm. Do all the steps serve your Highest Good, or do they warn you that you must improve your situation?

Mental Happiness reflects how well you master the derivatives of each Cause. But, do understand that Causes spring out of nowhere, constantly arriving at your face to learn from them. Science tells us that humans process around sixty thousand thoughts daily, but I have found minimal information on how many causes we process each day. So, be alert because when a Cause arrives, it will subject you to change. And when that change occurs, does it sustain your capacity to remain in a state of Mental Happiness?

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Robert V.Gerard


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