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Love’s Best Man

July 23, 2017

James Robinson

Susan Wylie  for

James Robinson

Searching lifelong for love’s best man

Deep the love, deep the life

Deep the touch of two becoming one,

Far becoming near

Stranger in a strange land

Swapping cell for cell


Now familiar in a family land

From height to depth I have sought you

Knowing that once found

There would be no parting

Despite the miles that lie between

Finding you, I know

The best is yet to come

The best of me is you.


-Susan Wylie

Suzana Wylie began writing as soon as she discovered which end of the pencil to lick. Her writing is eclectic, ranging from sonnets to free verse, essays to science fiction, shorts to sagas. She loves exploring the dynamics of male-to-male relationships and while her bent is for the paranormal/supernatural, she enjoys a good cowboy story and mysteries of all sorts. Suzana has no fear of any topic and though she does not care for confrontation, does not shy from controversial topics. Breaking writing rules isn’t out of the question. If the story calls for it, she’ll kill off a main character. While she does believe in happy endings, that doesn’t always mean happily ever after, even in fiction. Suzana is quite surprised to find she lives in the conservative Deep South, and dreams often of snow and liberal communities. She is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights.

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