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Just an Illusion: An Anniversary Tribute to Dr. Rudolph Moragne

Earring Holder


As Black History closes on this last day of a short month, I’m also celebrating my 25th anniversary of dba, Just An Illusion. When I began this journey, I had no idea that I would commemorate a silver acknowledgment. I was reminded on social media this morning that the friend who became my first client and encouraged me to go forward with my passion made his transition 4 yrs ago this weekend. ‘Would explain how the universe put him on my mind, as I had forgotten the date of his passing. So I’m dedicating this to Dr. Rudolph Moragne with appreciation, love, and posthumous indebtedness.

Over these many years, I’ve evolved into doing things differently or doing different things. I endeavor to create an idea that I can produce into reality that serves as functional art and not just eye candy for aesthetic value. After researching ten years ago, I wanted to see if jewelry displays were unique and not just utilitarian. I saw nothing like what I had envisioned, so I began designing and creating bracelet holders and earring screens that would be artistically appealing. Last year I was invited to two separate art galleries to exhibit them, along with a room size screen and remainder of chess tables I had previously done, in Evanston, IL. Even with the pandemic, as the last one was a virtual tour, they were well received and sold many.

I’ve promised myself that I would revive another passion of painting on canvas this year, and long overdue of over 30 years. Though I won’t cease doing the construction, designing, and decorating, my other interests comprise my business mission.

My gratitude for having the opportunity of expression and creativity is boundless. Here’s to the next chapter of what I visualize so that you can………’ see what you imagine.’


Room-sized Screen


Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Stand

Earring Holder


Earring Holders


“The jewelry stands average 12” in height with varying width based on panels of course.

They customarily sit on top of dressers as ‘functional art’.” Debra Flint-Salter


Great Lakes $50.00

Great Lakes Front

Great Lakes back


Mid Century $55.00

Mid Century Front

Mid Century Back


Into the Night $50.00

Into the Night Front

Into the Night Back


Spring $50.00

Spring front

Spring Back


Blue Denim $60.00

Blue Denim front

Blue Denim back


Sunsets $60.00

Sunsets front

Sunset back


Jewel of the Nile $60

Jewel of the Nile back


Indulge in the visions that one should not limit themselves to. My objective is to express a creative spirit, to bring to your home, to life, what often appears to be…Just An Illusion.”

-Debra Flint-Salter

Debra Flint-Salter is a Chicago Independent Business Owner whose business has flourished by word of mouth and who is now in cyber-space.  Contact her at: Just An Illusion, Inc.,

Call (773) 354-8452

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