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Just a Thought

By: Reverend Bobby

Rev. Dr. Bobby Yarbrough

"Thought cannot solve any human problem, for thought itself is the problem." - J. Krishnamurti

While working with my substance abusers in Florida, I was doing a session and heard that one of the guys was preparing to go home. I sent word in the back for him to holler at me before he went anywhere. He came up and sat until I finished what I was doing and then came and sat by me; I asked him what he learned while in the program. He said, "Reverend Bobby, what I learned is that a whole lot of thoughts run through your mind like on a ticker tape. But you do not have to act on them. You can just let them pass by. It's just a thought."

As you can see by the title of this article, what he told me has stuck with me for a whole lot of years. And the main reason is that in my Spiritual Practice, thought is essential - the basis for what I do. But because I am me, and Dr. Mary Tumpkin always told us to "Ask the question," I do. So sometimes I ask myself, "How important is thought really?" And once again, like everything in this life, dichotomy. Sometimes thought is imperatively important. Sometimes it's not. Oh my, something else that I now have to discern. Well, I'll tell you that you never get bored with life.

Did your life turn out the way you thought? I mean, like what you plan to be when you grow up. (That's funny right there) But you know what I mean. Even if what you thought did not come forth the way you may have supposed it, that did not prevent you from experiencing the love, peace, compassion, and fulfillment you now know. And I don't know about you, but I am grateful that some thoughts never saw the light of day for me and my house. So here you see the basis for my question.

On the other hand, when I approach a task, I give whatever I'm doing my full attention. When I write Business plans, the thought I carry while putting them together is a thought of success. I am not writing a plan with the idea of Going Belly Up in my mind. When I write, I think of passion for some substantive, uplifting information. That thought permeates everything and every thought generated as I walk through the process. Is that the two sides to every coin stuff?

So as we funnel things down to reach some resolution, I'll share a bit personally. I now do not think much about things, especially my God Job. I get a nudge from Spirit; I do it, regardless of my thoughts. I'm telling you TRUTH here. If I need a New and Different Thought about the exercise I've been engaged in, I get that later. That's how it rolls. And, who ever thought I, Bobby Yarbrough, would morph into The Rev Dr? Certainly not me. But once again, what I thought did not have any influence whatsoever on the writings in The Book of Life Upon My Soul. Kick, scream, tell God, "I know you, God, but you probably got your wires crossed once in this eternity because I know you're not talking to me." Guess what? I thought wrong. PSYCH!!!!!

So, it's a mixture of this concept of thought, when and when not to place them at the forefront of our experience. When to move in them and when not to move. When we still ourselves and listen in silence, eternal life itself will lead us to the understanding we need at the moment. Just A Thought. Peace.


– Rev. Bobby, The Reverend Doctor Robert I. Yarbrough is an independent New Thought Minister, trained and steeped in Fillmorian Theology. He is a writer, author, lecturer, workshop/seminar facilitator, and former television host, of “Eating From The Tree Of Life” in Chicago. His extraordinary Bible skills led him in his two-year series on the book of The Revelation, where Rev. Bobby shared the secrets recorded in the most loving book in the Bible with others. His unique presentation style places audiences at ease which is always conducive for them to come away with some spiritual meat that they can immediately apply to their lives. In his newest book, 28 Days A Journey Within, Rev. Bobby establishes the bridge necessary for those ready to break through and move all of their desires into manifest reality. Reverend Bobby is also a board member of the X-Tend-A-Hand Ministry in Chicago. He handles all pastoral care duties and functions as the non-profit expert as he incorporated the ministry and developed the 501 (c) (3) package. Rev. Bobby also fields, initiates and handles all communication between X-Tend-A-Hand and the government agencies that have oversight responsibilities for nonprofit organizations

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