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Intimate Explorations

Occasionally, “Where am I going?” and “What Am I looking for in Life?” run across my mind. Is there something special for me to see? Retired in my mid-seventies offers extra time to explore the future—a sense of freedom—that became important.

One constituent in exploration is direction. What is being sought? You can go deep into biology and chemistry to discover their elementals’ origins or find something amazing out there in the vast Universe, like a black hole or supernova. 

In 1997, when my book Change Your DNA, Change Your Life was published, only tidbits of information existed about the DNA’s magnificence. Today, pharmaceutical science sheds constant breakthroughs. Photos from NASA take your mind into unimaginable realities, and we actually landed a rover vehicle on Mars. 

This morning, while brushing my teeth, another aspect of exploration appeared: my face. It’s changing. I kept looking into the mirror and started exploring and reflecting on how I’ve changed and what that meant to me. I came to the realization that as my face changes, so do my realities, as well as my character. These have become intimate moments for me. It’s not vanity, rather a pursuit to better understand the nature of Life. 

Recalling pictures of myself as a baby, I had a round head with fine dark hair. As an adult, my head was well-groomed, projected confidence. As a retired and maturing senior, the round head is back, and the hair once again fine, though disappearing.

“What does all this mean?” I asked myself. Ah-ha! Could it mean that I am exploring the most intimate environment of my future? Am I finding that I can find out how to better manage daily Life by exploring my facial changes? Each time I look into a mirror, I chat with my subconscious mind. In a sense, I found a buddy to talk to and share, kind of an intimate secret chat. Learning more about who I am and how to feel each day provides intuitive insight from my Soul. Now I am reshaping my mustache, and that’s fun. I can play with my smiles, and that feels good.

One of the first things that we’ve all explored relates to hair color changes. Hey, what’s that silver-gray spot. How did it get there? That simple exploration most likely changed your perspective on aging. “Am I getting old?” “How will others think of me?” Does the gray add to my maturity and accomplishments?” And for some, it’s baldness.

Beyond a doubt, facial changes present the utmost caliber for exploring individualism. Which for most seniors, after all those years of joys and sorrows, ups and downs, successes and failures, the face tells the real story: happy wrinkles or sad wrinkles. It’s time to reflect and realize that I am moving forward into the unknown. Who am I, and what do I do next? I didn’t look this way a few days ago. Am I still happy to explore my purpose, mission, or whatever?

Do wrinkles add to my personality or let others know that I am aging? Many people try to hide the wrinkles, but they just keep on coming. They start around the eyes, then move upward to my forehead, then down to my mouth. They expand and grow. It’s time for more make-up. Then there are prominent wrinkles, which can be categorized as creases. Those are serious changes.

My eyes are falling deeper into my head. OMG, it’s like looking out of a tunnel. My mouth is changing. The lips seem different. Is this really me? OMG, number two: the spots and bumps.

We can go on and on with the facial changes, and it can quickly get out of hand. The actual resolution begins from deep inside. I call them intimate explorations. What’s left to be completed, cleaned, and purged. Am I done growing up and creating my purer Life, or am I now in a position to become a healthy, honest, and loving person? It’s a pleasure to be creative. Did I achieve my purpose and mission in Life and use the gifts God gave me? Should I pack it in, drink booze, watch TV, and regret my life experiences? Or maybe, it’s time for me to fly into my true self, express my joys, and share my wisdom? 

As my face continues to change and show some funny distortions, I find myself absent from fears, excited about my future, and can freely embrace the wonders of this beautiful planet. Earth is my Mother of Life, and I am ready to serve her with all my gifts as she serves me.

Above all, I am what I am. An individual standing on top of the planet, no matter where I go, she holds me up. I always bring my physical body with me, my faithful friend, indeed. What lies ahead comes from within. Where it goes is a matter of my next breath. As I explore the wonders of tomorrow, I know deep within me, it’s the beginning of everything and the culmination of all I do. And when I smile in the mirror, I know this to be true.

Robert Gerard

Robert Gerard

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

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