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Intersection: Designs by Nadene Mairesse

There is nothing more beautiful than Indigo, the mystical color of wisdom, intuition, and spirituality.  The Indigo workshop held by the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, Tuscumbia, AL was enlivened by the stamps of patterntoand the magic of working in this medium with designer, Nadene Mairesse.  Of course, I simply admired the work in progress, but my love for Indigo beckoned me t o invite Nadene Mairesse to the Garden Spices family. Gate open!- Victorine


About the Artist

Nadene Mairesse is a Florence, Alabama-based designer and maker whose work lies at the intersection of nature and material culture. Her design and natural dye studio, Idyllwilde, incorporates plant-based dyes, natural fiber textiles, and handcraft to produce hand-dyed textiles, garments, and home provisions. Working outside the constraints of the fashion industry

Idyllwilde is a slow-design company that produces well-crafted, beautiful, and durable textiles with local labor, minimal waste, and no harmful chemicals. In addition to design and botanical dye work for Idyllwilde, Nadene has been a natural dye and hand-stitching educator since 2016.


Nadene Mairesse

Born in Los Angeles, California, Nadene’s family moved to England when she was in elementary school; sewing, knitting, mending, and darning were incorporated into daily life, while summers were spent back in California immersed in fine arts programs at the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. These childhood experiences form the foundation for her passion for both fine art and handcraft.

Nadene’s formal education includes a BA in French Literature from UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, and a dual degree in Architecture and Interior Architecture. Auburn University, Auburn, AL. Her professional work includes 15 years as a clothing designer in Los Angeles, CA, and, following her architecture studies at Auburn University, architectural design and community development work on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Nadene founded her design studio Idyllwilde, in Florence, Alabama, in 2013.

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