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Insight: Dr. Russell Clayton


There is something different about you.

You don’t remind me of anyone else l know.

What you offer is very unique.

Your creative thoughts boggle my mind.

No matter what you do, there is no one who

does it quite like you.

Your smile is special and releases your inner light.

Your loving heart is so enormous that

it just may burst.

Your grace is incomparable.

You have a unique vibration and frequency.

Your style is like no other.

I have met a lot of people in my life, but

I’ve never met anyone quite like you.

You are most definitely one of a kind.



You can raise your energy by shifting your awareness to the present moment which contains pure infinite potential. This simple conscious action increases your inner vibration. Your DNA is being created every single day and it is stamped with the history of your current emotions. The DNA that you create today cannot be any more vibrant than the power of its source. Stamp your new DNA with joy. Joy is your highest energetic state and sparks creation from light itself. The secret to being joyful is to shift your energy out of your busy mind and into the state of Presence and freedom. Freedom from your overactive mind, free of identification with the body, and freedom from any negative emotion- pure positive vibes.


Dr. Russell Clayton is a Los Angeles based Physician. An OBGYN for Kaiser Permanente, he is also a poet and author of the book, Finding The Greater You – The Path To Your Soul.   Dr. Clayton was educated at The University of Chicago, University of Illinois, and completed his residency in gynecology at Saint Johns Hospital in Queens, New York. Dr. Clayton is a father of four and is happily married.  He is active in his medical practice, but his passion is writing and publishing his poetry based in Spirituality and Consciousness.

Dr. Claytons first book, “The Greater You, The Journey of Awakening” focused on the inner journey. “Love and Healing” focuses on healing emotional suffering. “Love And Healing Exercises” Dr. Clayton’s third book is a seventy-step action plan pocket guide for your spiritual restoration.

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