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I Am What You Say I’m Not

I am what you say I’m not

A more physiological reasoning in which my mind is telling me otherwise

So I am my spiritual giver’s purpose of the life that was given unto me

I am a deeper meaning of amazement

My outer flesh shows only parts of what I can put in or take out

Only you can tell me what I’m not and I can only be what you say I can’t

I am a strong, beautiful, black woman who has so much to inherit

Take away the evilness of my outer opinions and turn them into something beautiful within myself

Being a child of nature itself and a future of the world

What is my task?

Everything has been done

So what there’s no cure to the common cold?

Why do I have to cater towards mankind?

That’s the attitude most have but not I

Because I am what no one has ever achieved

Being me is an achievement because no one can ever be me

I am what God says I am

I am a child of King with riches

Not tangible but spiritually

I was a lost child in the bitterness of the world but I am found within the future I can hold

I am what you say I’m not

I AM who I AM.

– India Mebane

India Mebane is an 18 year old high school Senior.  She loves to sing, write poetry and play the piano.  

She is a faithful member of Gateway COGIC and plans to become a Pharmacist.  She also wants to open a Performing Arts School.

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