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Healing from FMS

Photo by Laurel Heverly Heiss

Personally, I was once crippled with Fibromyalsia, (FM), and unimaginable or indescribable pain and suffering. And yet I, repeatedly, refused meds that were being pushed on me by my primary doctor, who was very disinterested in learning the protocols that I used. (I always meditated, but drank only macro-biotic juice, consisting of “specific vegetables and green apples being the only fruit. I also included some supplements for boosting the immune system.) I wouldn’t have  been on my feet nor capable or running around an entire block, had I not found deep within the strength of spirit to stand up long enough to make my juice. In fact, early on, I told two physician’s and a rheumatoid arthritis physician to watch me get a brand-new body.

I conquer FM by having enough inner-strength to end my hell. It’s still a daily, challenge for my eyes to withstand outdoor bright skies and lights … for my mind to be less foggy than clear, and even for my body to make it through each day. My autoimmune system is still compromised, and I attribute it to having overworked myself …stressin’ and taking on other people’s matters or burdens, which has often been my weakness.

I usually awaken tired, and crash, mentally and physically before noon-time. It is still so great to be back from the dead where the meaning of hell is endless pain and suffering 24/7. I AM master of my body and my mind. I, therefore, am back (10 Yrs. now) to running, kicking and throwing balls with my grandchildren, …. sometimes bike-riding, canoeing, and I have even done a few extensive home remodels in family homes. It still challenges me with lack of energy, usually, from the lack of sleep. If anyone would like to know, feel free to ask me what items I juice. 

Health and Healing to you all!


-Jennifer Patton

Jennifer spends most of her time being meditative and frequently studying protocols for healthy-living, the occult sciences and its relevance to spirituality and ancient history and culture, and sharing her wealth of knowledge with anyone interested in living a wholesome lifestyle.  Jennifer also loves being an entrepreneur because she’s able to have frequent visits with her five grandchildren and do creative activies with them. She built and owns social media sharing platform where businesses around the world syndicate their websites to acquire visitors. She also currently operates one of four family-owned Adult Care Family Homes in Cleveland, OH, where she resides.

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