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…Halfway Home: A Post


I still can’t believe she’s gone. I can’t believe I won’t be calling her to let her know I made it home to Colorado okay just for her to talk my head off about music and just talk my head off in general….

And then for her to yell at me and tell me to call her more. At that point I usually would put it on speaker phone so she didn’t blow my eardrum out and for all my CO friends to hear how cute her accent is and to prove that I am a loud person/but I get it honestly.

For me …to promise that someday soon, she and Poppie will have a place in Colorado to park their RV and talk about all the wonderful recreational marijuana I’m going to get them…. and then for her to talk my ear off about music and how I should not give up for at least another 45 mins.

Then, I’d explain for the 638,073 time that shows like The Voice and American Idol suck…. Somewhere in there, I’d get to throw in a “Tell Poppie I said Hi and I love him” and that would be it.

I’ve literally had this exact conversation for years now. Death is weird. I am happy and thankful I inherited her fat fingers tho so her ring actually fits me perfectly. Love and miss you already, Nana.

I’m halfway home… Just thought I’d let you know.







-Brittany Faith

Brittany Faith is a Shoals area native who was a founding member of the soul band, The Valley Roots. Brittany now works in the healthcare field as well as working as a songwriter/producer/engineer with her new musical partner, Milo Burke. Brittany travels back to the Shoals area and Nashville as much as possible but now resides in Denver, Colorado with her border collie, Willow.

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