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Follow Your Heart: A Beginning

Mmm mmm, pizza fresh out the oven. I was so hungry too! But, as soon as I sat down to enjoy my meal, His small still voice spoke to me. He said, “Jeremiah, hasten”. Now, knowingly hungry and trying not to cop an attitude in the spirit (because I was clearly chillin), I checked the time. Sure enough, the next bus ran in 10 mins. Given that I was 14 mins away from the bus stop I got up, grabbed my cello and darted out the door.

As I hustled to the bus stop His still quiet voice again said, “Hasten Jeremiah”. At this point I’m like what is it, tell me! All I had planned was to play downtown today. No biggie. So why the rush? As I got on the bus the bus driver had a naaasty attitude. #Prayed4Her. As I got off of the bus, now downtown waiting to catch the trolley to Market Square, His still quiet voice said, “Please, hasten Jeremiah”. Completely, puzzled at this point I forewent the trolley and hustled down the road towards Market Square.

As I walked through downtown Krutch Park I got caught up by a white cloth draped table topped with trinkets. Atop of the table was an open Bible, a vase filled with Red Roses, a white candle, and a framed picture. And, at the bottom was a book entitled “100 Reasons Why I Love You…”. Very admirable indeed. But, Lord surely you didn’t bring me all this way to read a Bible verse, I thought.

As I admired the presentation a woman came up to me and said, “Isn’t it gorgeous?”. I replied, “Oh yes, but what is all this?”. She explained, “My son is about to propose to his high school sweetheart heart. She doesn’t know. She thinks she is being escorted to meet him on a date. She’ll be here in 15 mins!”. As I closely observed my surroundings I noticed that the park was filled with people hidden behind bushes and behind trees. Then the groom walked up to me and introduced himself. We talked briefly and our hearts connected. I realized then that the Lord hastened me, for them. Made it just in time!

So next time Faith calls on you #FollowYourHeart


Jeremiah and the perspective Groom

– Jeremiah Welch

“I aspire to be well rounded in the art of life, where music sharpens the mind and dance conditions the body.”

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