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Richard MacKay

I believe we are individually and collectively well into a transformative paradigm shift. According to Miriam-Webster, a paradigm shift is an important change that happens when a new and different way replaces the usual way of thinking about or doing something because the old way is not working anymore and is causing more problems than solutions]. I would venture that all our social problems are related to the struggle for the realization of this new paradigm in some way. Here is just a beginning sketch of the shifts that I see most clearly.   

 First, there is a shift from national or racial ethos to “we’re all in this together.” Secondly, there has been a definite ecological movement on stewarding the planet and transformation in our relationship to the Earth environment and resources. Within this, I believe both science and all legitimate spiritual traditions speak to this mystery of reality, which we are exploring and seeing in ever new ways with our technology. We are all being changed personally, socially, and in relation to our perspective of the cosmos.


Mind filled with either/or

here, there’s a shadow to explore.

Is there a path for either one

before my day is done?

Here’s a dream that’s in my night

Will I see the morning light?

Are both ways, the way to go?

How will I finally know?

Yes, there’s a shadow to explore,

awareness we cannot ignore.

So there is a shift from just national or racial ethos to “we’re all in this together”, though there is also much denial and resistance to it. Perhaps the Covid pandemic illuminates this most clearly on a global level. The local incident of the murder of George Floyd also illuminated this in that it became not just a national but a more significant worldwide issue with the propagation of the Black Lives Matter movement. Though there was a bevy of deniers and those that wanted to go back to the way things were in the past, the truth of our present and historical abuses exposes their lack of human values and abuse.


world turned upside-down,

looking for my roots today.

Help me there tree friend

Where are my roots? Many scientific and spiritual people are looking beyond just our anthropomorphic history to the history and evolution of the planet, plants, animals, and our cosmic connections. We could be planet stewards of our beautiful planet while there’s still time.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

“Our relationship with the earth involves something more than pragmatic use, academic understanding, or aesthetic appreciation. A truly human intimacy with the earth and with the entire natural world is needed. Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live.” (Thomas Berry, “Human Presence,” in The Dream of the Earth, 13).



In the last short period of time,

there’s been a lot of loud

talk and reaction in different

sectors of our society

about building a wall.

The wall we’ve built is now

composed of opposing views,

anger, and rock hard attitudes.

That’s our wall alright,

and as Americans

we should take pride in it.

It’s our superb ability

in building THINGS.

We’ve done a splendid job,

making this great wall,

which is now protecting 

us from understanding, uniting,

and relating to each other.

The trial over the death

of George Floyd,

serving justice.

If we continue as we have done, we will probably continue to make the same mistakes, and do we have time to do that?


-Richard MacKay

Things that inspire me: 

Learning in a variety of ways, literary, analytic, experimental, communicational, and being compassionate.

Creative endeavors, such as art, music, poetry, and dance. Hiking in the woods or in nature.  Feeling the energy of oneness in nature that is not felt in the city.  Strumming on the guitar and composing poetic verses.

The spirit of oneness in my experience.  The connection between different facets of my experience, such as visual colors, harmonies, nature and language.  Spirituality is sensing my world as both.

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