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Dans tes Regards/In Your Eyes: Evans Nyarko Badohu

Evans Nyarko Badohu

Artist Statement

I started creating when I was a child, and I think we are born with this. I am inspired by everyday life, the realities of everyday life. I really like to immerse myself in history and old, forgotten memories of Africa. Africans tell these stories in the form of poetry, songs, drama, etc., and I am still in this daily process as an African artist. I hope to go very far in my state of mind.


Dans tes regards

je peux lire l'amour qui prend feu

Et qui te fait vivre

Dans tes regards

je peux lire la douceur qui fait calmer et qui soignent les coeurs blessé

Dans tes regards

je peux lire la vie

cette vie en que tu puises le silence de la nature, la quête et la découverte de soi

Dans tes regards

je me perds quelque fois

Et je vois des choses infinis qui révèle ta personnalité

ton regard est si profound

Evan' S

In your eyes

In your eyes

I can read love on fire

And who makes you live

In your eyes

I can read the gentleness that calms and heals the wounded hearts

In your eyes

I can read life

this life in which you press the silence of nature, the quest and self-discovery

In your eyes

I get lost sometimes

And I see infinite things that reveal your personality

your gaze runs so deep



Des amoureux " Artist : Evan'S Collage/recycl 110 ×75 cm

"Une femme pensive " Artist: Evan'S Collage/ recycl art 110*75cm


Love is being what you are

It's about staying authentic

Love is giving a smile

If nothing goes

Love is seeing things differently

If people follow the same trend

Love is accepting others despite these faults; these circumstances

Love is looking into each other's eyes for a long time without saying a word

Love is dreaming and traveling

It's meeting people

And discover the right moment of life

Love ebbs and flows like a river or the sea

It never ends

It doesn't change

It is in the hearts of artists

And simple people...

Evans S.


Artist : Evan’S

Canvas design / collage et collections de pagnes africaines…

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