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Cultural Game of Thrones

*DISCLAIMER: If you don’t watch, cool but know that those of us who do don’t care that you are tired of hearing us talk about one of the BEST shows ever. And should you watch after this article, note, it’s not safe for work or even remotely family friendly…you will get invested. I have warned you.

Okay, so there I was re-watching the past seven seasons of Game of Thrones, which ultimately lead to Season 8, the final season. This final season is where George R.R. and the writers of HBO will probably snatch our hearts out with every episode leading to its end. Most of us are okay with that even though it may mean that we disconnect from the entire world for a few days to check ourselves into the nearest psych ward, but it is what it is.

Game of Thrones is just that…a game of THRONES. There is a never-ending battle for power and control that its key players exhibit every week that make you question who’s the good guy and who’s bad. I could probably spend days on end explaining characters and storylines to you but I won’t. The simplest way to solve the show without a lot of spoilers is that there is ONE spot above all that everyone wants, which is essential to rule the kingdom and all of The Houses that fall in it. There is a ruler for each of The Houses that falls into this kingdom, and everyone seems to think they’re the rightful heir to the throne. The problem? The Houses are all muddled, blended, filled with betrayal, incest, rape, and murder, and the storyline has a lie at its base. Since this lie, the throne has become a giant game of chess. Don’t get it? Allow me to put this into perspective for you.

Think of our presidential elections, the House and Senate races and ALL that candidates say and do to have a shot at one of these positions. Now multiply that by about 500 times the impact, and you MIGHT have a Game of Thrones setup. It is seriously intense and weirdly entertaining.

Now here is the rub. For every storyline and plot twist, our current cultural climate is just as insane and intense as well as entertaining. We continuously watch the Orange Dude talk out of the side of his neck, but people put him in this position…so we get what we get at this point. And note, I don’t care what party you belong to if you are a fan of his or not. I said what I said.

Many of his decisions are self-serving as is his greed. He ignores the advice of those he hand-selected to help him, and his tantrums could rival those of one character in particular who’s death was a welcome sight for fans. And no, I’m not calling for the Orange Dude to die…I’m merely saying that you know exactly who I’m talking about if you watch the show,

Politics aside, Game brings out some things that we as a culture, as a society still grapple with today despite it being fantasy and fiction. There is this sense of ramped entitlement and greed from so many today that it’s almost unfathomable. People want what they want when they want it and how they want it.

Instead of official positions being used to help, we, unfortunately, end up hurting or our intentions were selfish. Granted, we can’t save and help everyone but when people can’t afford a decent place to stay something is wrong with our culture. We are quicker to donate to a GoFundMe account to build a wall, but when asked to help out a friend, we expect something in return. We mistreat people without batting an eyelash…these are cultural norms ya’ll. Oh, and newsflash!! The wall will help nothing…watch Game and tell me how good that wall works!

Now, this article is a little out of character for me. My writing usually contains jokes and cheap entertainment, but the things I see in our culture coupled with the craziness of George R.R. run deep with me. Ya’ll we are pieces on the chess board to those in power. We are constantly moving and barely notice just how oblivious we have become, much like the characters from the show. Then again, maybe it’s just easier to turn a blind eye to our cultural chaos because so many have their own agendas just like Lord Baelish and Varys…hmmm. Interesting theory, right?


-Collette Jones

is a retired veteran, mother, young pretty grandma, (“Ask my husband!”), wife, and friend who manages the voices in her head by staying busy, upbeat, and “prayed up.” Follow her writing on ‘Voices from the Bleachers’ on Facebook.

Image: By mharrsch – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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