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“I don’t know what to do… can you help me? “.. were the words spoken to me from a lady whom I had just hired and who was living with a partner threatening physical & sexual abuse. My immediate response was, “YES!”  I had no idea how this YES would change her life and mine  forever! I immediately went into action to help.  Several emails and phone calls later, I painfully began to realize this young, single female without kids who narrowly escaped abuse did not qualify or meet the criteria for “traditional” assistance programs. NONE! How could this be possible? What do I do now?!

I did what I always do first, PRAYED.  Then I went into ACTION! I began to meet with and organize a group of people from every avenue of the community who would join me in saying YES – preachers, social workers, executives, single moms, dads, churches, business owners etc. We MADE IT HAPPEN.

Within weeks my team had come up with enough money for a temporary hotel stay, food, transportation, and furniture. In a months’ time she kept her job; we found housing, which we furnished, and got her necessities. We paid initial deposits and rent. She went from nothing to abundance and overflow, all because people joined me in saying YES. YES, to second chances. YES, to humanity. I began to think, “What if I hadn’t helped?” if she had this issue and couldn’t find help, then there must be others. THIS was the birthing of Crossroads.

-Kimberly Jackson


-Kimberly Jackson

Kimberly Jackson is the Founder & Director of Crossroads non profit & is  also the owner  of Crossroads, LLC a consulting company. She is a native of Florence, Alabama and has over 20 years business administration, office management, accounting and human resource experience. She is an alumni of Samford University and Ashford University. Her bachelor and graduate level concentrations are in Political Science & Human Resources. She also holds a Phd in Public Administration. Her pride and joy are twin boys Jayden & Jordan Anderson. She is a member of Christ Chapel, Florence,AL. Kim’s vision is to meet people at the very challenging crossroads of their lives and assist them in discovering a new sense of direction by providing temporary  emergency services, case management and advocacy.

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