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Claiming Our Gifts

We often hear this phrase, "Use the gifts God gave you." But for most people, that's like playing hide and seek. Many people have no concept of the term gifts other than for Christmas and birthday presents.

When we talk about gifts, we are talking about our special talents and skills that are unique only to us or a select few. The essence of gifts could be having a sincere heart, the unquestionable drive to serve others, compassion towards others, including the animal kingdom, love and respect for Earth and Nature, learning about the cosmos and the realms of the Universe, the gift to play music, dance, art, and the gift to write, only to name a few.

When discussing gifts, I avoid tangible things such as toys, games, gratuities, and tickets to the theater or play. These are physical worldly things, and most people consider all of those as gifts, but they are temporal. When we speak of gifts, we accept the nature of our actual being and what can enhance that nature.

My grandson started playing chopsticks on the piano in October, and by August of the following year, he was playing classical music and was well received. So, in those few months, his gifts expanded, and that expansion is a creative process to move us forward to express his talents and, quite frankly, to attract or develop more of that gift.

Another good example is my inability in the past to write a good letter for business purposes. I would struggle for hours to put together a one-page business document. I hated to write, and I wasn't happy that my English writing skills needed substantial improvement. But suddenly, my heart opened up, and I realized that a gift was brewing inside me, causing me to be serious about what my pen writes. A good number of years later, I could generally write a business letter in about five minutes, so the gift was expanded. The gift changed my life and brought me to new horizons. The advantage of writing was such a pleasure to unfold within my lifetime.

Many people take for granted that they must grow up despite not knowing their gifts. They do not feel privileged and will journey through life as suitable.

So, let's get right down to the point: "Where are our gifts hidden? Where do they come from, and who gives them to us? Again, most importantly, how do I find and use my gifts?

Are we open enough to identify and use our gifts? Ascertaining how to do this is crucial for expanding our lives. People ask me how they find their gifts. The first question I respond with is, "Do you believe you have gifts?" Unfortunately, their answers fall short. Many people consider themselves not worthy and position themselves outside of those who are successful. Every human possesses their unique gifts.

Do our gifts come from God or the Universe? It's irrelevant! The key is that they exist within your subconscious mind, are embedded within your DNA, and are triggered by your emotional undulations. So, it's not a matter of where the gifts come from; instead, it's how to find and use your gifts that make all the difference in the world. We need more time to be given by our parents or schools to investigate or explore how to identify a skill or get that gift to become revealed.

We are not taught how to go inwardly and feel the powers given to us; most of us are busy surviving and not living. Gifts are the instruments to explore who we are, expand where we're going, and share within our society.

We trust our bodies to breathe. We trust our feet to walk and our eyes to see. These modes are inherent to our existence, and so are our gifts of life. They are waiting for you to claim them. Movement serves as an essential element to identify and eventually use our new skills. Sitting still works only if you are in a meditative state. Just like bubbles rise in a soda bottle, so do your gifts. Shake that bottle, and the bubbles rise. Shake it a lot, and the bottle will burst. Aha!

It's all about learning and letting go. Gifts rise because the mind, heart, and Soul connection have been activated. You can only ride a bicycle once you get on it. Swimming on dry land doesn't work. You must connect the dots, get into the water, and the rest becomes natural. Gifts raise the bar of creativity and allow you to expand that gift. That's movement!

When you claim your gifts, one of the most important things you must do is be grateful for the find. To feel proud that you have accelerated your being to demonstrate and utilize your gifts.

As humans, we need to be grateful that the Universe has allowed us to create something uniquely beautiful, which adds to our essence. We need to be thankful for self-discovery, self-esteem, and confidence that stem from utilizing our gifts. It's a victory of life to share the beauty that is within us—the beauty of how we can alter our own state of being by inner exploration. Finding gifts within is a beautiful process of self-compassion. When we find and utilize our gifts, we shift our reality into a higher gear to sustain a better life for ourselves and others.

"So dear to me…" Meditation

(Excerpt from the 10TH DNA Activation for Generating Abundance)

I am the keeper of my dreams

I am the joy of my creations

For it is "I" that possesses these gifts

These Gifts of Life

So dear to me

I am the maker of my realities

I am the joy of my witness

For it is "I" who has brought the future to me

These Gifts of Life

So dear to me

I am the continuation of Self

I am the origin of bliss

For it is "I" who has attracted all

These Gifts of Life

So dear to me.

Copyright © 2023 Robert V Gerard


Dr. Robert V. Gerard


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