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City Limits Cafe

I had to visit and partake of the Meat 'n Three I was hearing about. (For you Yankees, an entree' and three sides). Everyone was raving about City Limits Cafe in Killen, AL. The cafe did not disappoint; the food was delicious! My brother and I strolled in on a Friday at just the right time: we were the only ones in the banquet line and were quickly served. About 5 minutes after we were seated, I realized we had made it just before a deluge of customers came in for some delectable fare. (You can find their daily menu on Facebook ).

My brother, Bernie, ready to throw down!


City Limits Cafe is owned and operated by Robert and Tammie Wilson. Both are originally from the Shoals but from different sides of the water; Robert, Lauderdale County, and Tammie, Colbert County. The business settles in Killen, Lauderdale County, and is the realization of Robert's mother's dream. "She passed in 2000 and didn't get to see her dream come to life," Robert indicates. But her five children realized their mother's wish, and two of Robert's sisters work at the cafe. "We are a Christian-based business," Robert avows. "We put God first and really enjoy the food business."

Faith and passion for food are what drive the Wilsons' business ethic. "When you do something you love, you do it well," Robert indicates. They also love catering and customize their menu to meet their customers' needs. "We cook anything, even Vegetarian and Vegan." Their vision for the future is to stabilize the business, which does not mean expanding the scale of the cafe."We're open to the public for 37 hours a week; I work 55 hours a week without being too consuming."

Behind the glass - scrumptuous soul food.

Slideshow of catering fare.


More than a Meat'n Three! Sandwiches, including pulled pork.


I had a chance to speak with a customer who was sitting alone and fervently engaged in eating every bite of his food. I asked if he comes regularly. His answer, "I wish they'd open another one in Greenhill...but don't close this one!...You've got to meet Robert's wife, Tammie; they are fine people." I'd say that Mr. Joe is a satisfied customer.

Joe Carroll, a regular custormer at City Limit Cafe

Full house at City Limit Cafe


Robert and Tammie Wilson, Owners of City Limits Cafe

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