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I want to celebrate that which is real and authentic for me.  That’s when celebration is not just canned, like canned laughter on some TV comedy show.  I want celebration to feel like I did on my fifth birthday.  For me, though I don’t always practice it, celebration is a way to stand present to the All in my life, my own aging process, my relationships, creative events, joys, sorrows, injustice, and everything else that touches me.

Many people live purposelessly from distraction to distraction; there is no celebration in living that way, and with our rich media environment, there are thousands of ways to distract oneself from living with love and celebrating life.

Where I remind myself and others to celebrate life, all of it, is in my writing memoirs, poetry, and songs.  Sometimes I find myself even finding a way to celebrate the worst of tragedies.  This is a poem I wrote on the anniversary of the 911 attacks.  Maybe this is what one can find in many of the Psalms in the bible.

Celebrate This Day – A Tribute

Celebrate this day

with reverence

to the giving of our lives

in love,

to the courageous of us

who step forward

and sacrifice all

for love of others,

of family, of community,

of country, and

of the world –

Celebrate this day

with reverence.

So, I remind myself once again, “Celebrate this new day, today by bringing my presence and my creativity to this ever-fresh canvas of life.”  I want to say also, I celebrate the citizen I am in a nation that can honor diversity structurally and honors our voice in freedom to speak out.

© 2018 Richard MacKay All rights reserve


-Richard MacKay

Things that inspire me: 

Learning in a variety of ways, literary, analytic, experimental, communicational and being compassionate.

Creative endeavors, such as art, music, poetry, and dance. Hiking in the woods or in nature.  Feeling the energy of oneness in nature that is not felt in the city.  Strumming on the guitar and composing poetic verses.

The spirit of oneness in my experience.  The connection between different facets of my experience, such as visual colors, harmonies, nature and language.  Spirituality is sensing my world as both.

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