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Celebration is Good for the Soul

*cue Kool & the Gang*

Celebrations can be mental, physical or emotional, but no matter the form our ability to celebrate big and small victories are frozen moments in our minds. Think of how Cubs fans felt after not just winning the World Series but making it into the post season in the two years following their epic and legendary win. What about Golden State as Steph Curry’s methodical 3-pointers became an iconic standard in crucial games helping them win back to back NBA championships? These are moments that are etched in our memories even if we are not fans of either team or sport. Of course, if you are, a reminder of these events made you smile and reminisce of how you, your friends and family felt as you watched your teams catapult to victory. I think that it is safe to say that many of you probably celebrated for days behind such events and rightfully so.

Now let’s scale that down a little. What are reasons for celebration in your family? What is so near and dear to you that every time you hear a certain song or ride by a certain location makes the corners of your mouth curl up? Honestly for me…there are way too many to mention in just the last few months. But allow me to share a few with you if you will.

We watched our youngest son…my Quiet Giant take on his sophomore year of college. For some this might not be a big deal, but for him it is. He is our last one, but he has had anxiety with being away from home despite home being only about 80 miles away. However, this year he has a roommate that has helped him out of his shell. They hang out and they talk about their classes and even hit a few of the campus events. This is HUGE for us as he tends to be an extreme introvert. I love watching him grow and it has definitely been a cause for celebration.

Next, my husband was offered a new job and we closed on our forever-ever house…in our new city, Garner, North Carolina. This has been a sticking point; this move is to help start a church.  And while employment was not totally necessary, we both appreciate that at least one of us has something. Either way, the move, starting a church, and his job are celebration and praise worthy.

But I tell you, my personal favorite of reasons for celebration of late is the birth of our second granddaughter, Wish (and yes that’s really her name). She came storming into the world a couple of weeks ago and oddly enough was born at the EXACT time of her big sister Brave. We actually managed to make it to Georgia for her birth and even got to see her open her eyes. She smiled at her Pop-Pop as he held her and it was just enough to make him melt. Although simple, it’s so humbling and a beautiful reason for a celebration.

For the Jones family these are just a few of the reasons for celebration but it does not take things like this for us to celebrate. We thrive on celebrations no matter the size or impact. It can be as small as waking up in the morning and being in a somewhat sound mind and body, LOL, to closing one chapter of our lives and opening a new one. With us it just doesn’t matter.

You see we are always grateful that we are afforded, even blessed with things we probably do not deserve. Because the fact is, life owes us absolutely nothing. Life can sour us so quickly that we miss the good things, hell we miss the GREAT things. So, when you get the chance for any kind of celebration, do so. That means when your child comes home with good grades, a CELEBRATION is needed. When your husband secretly plans a vacation for just the two of you, a CELEBRATION is in order. Or even if all you do is find a close (non-handicap) parking spot after a rough leg day session, there’s nothing wrong with a little CELEBRATION.

All of that said, I personally challenge each of you reading to find at least ONE thing in your day that deserves a celebration. Share it with someone else or even on your social media pages. Be intentional and infectious, you might even border on being annoying, LMBO! But who cares, make sure you celebrate. Oh, and for those who may not think or realize that you have something that is cause for celebration? Here is my suggestion, take a minute and reflect on your life. Think back on who you were at one time. Reflect on the people, places and things that have shaped who you are NOW, at this moment reading Garden Spices. Surely you have a reason, probably more than you recognize, so let the CELEBRATION begin.


-Collette Jones

is a retired veteran, mother, young pretty grandma, (“Ask my husband!”), wife, and friend who manages the voices in her head by staying busy, upbeat, and “prayed up.” Follow her writing on ‘Voices from the Bleachers’ on Facebook.

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