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Causal Directions 

One thing that marvels me the most is watching a baby nearing her seventh month leaning against the sofa. She’s ready to take that first momentous step forward. Then, as she moves gently away, she takes her first step and plops! That’s joyful to watch. The next thing she does is get up again, lean against the sofa, then ever so cautiously move a couple more steps, and plop! Though newborns of most species undergo the same excitement, deep down inside, I know that divine providence has gifted humankind with Direction beyond all other species.

Charles Darwin brought insights into biological evolution. Nonetheless, he did not mention how evolution is designed to bring in emotion and thought for a balanced humanity. Evolution dictates that every species on the planet moves forward to becoming a more perfected species with Nature. But as history shows us story after story of how humankind moves forward and becomes more civilized and peaceful, it is a work in progress.

The phrase Causal Directions provides me with the understanding that attaining a higher-order activity is subliminally active. I risk inferring points to a happier and healthier life for the individual and his society. Direction for humankind is Causal. Not only will that baby take her first few steps, but she will also continue to follow her dreams beyond Nature toward a Higher Cause if we give her a chance.

The quest to know more about oneself affects the course of humanity. When people relent upon inner exploration and improvement, their social environment also deteriorates. People have free will, and they have a conscience choice. It is fair game to infer that collapsing societies reflect the mindset of their inhabitants. The grand design of humanity has a unique feature to fulfill its destiny. Deep within our DNA, a causal genetic secret code of life activates our human organism to perpetuate and improve the structure of humanity. It gives it direction using free will as an intermediary.

The notion of a Cause is paramount to generating a psychological perspective that something exists beyond survival and is beneficial to one’s purpose in life. So, unlike animals, humankind has a plethora of learning experiences and paths for attainment and eventual contribution back into society for the survival of humanity.

Causal Direction opposes the notion of failure. I’ve always coached my clients to understand that failure is just one aspect of success that needs more attention. What’s critically important is the intensity of energy driving intelligence forward for the individual and his society.

Now it’s your turn. Using the notions presented in this essay now would be an excellent time to identify what Causal Directions you can explore. Then, identify any directions you have consciously determined? How do they serve you? What Directions need repair or elimination?

No matter what Directions we have, whether casual or otherwise, I hope the quest for humanity exists. Can we infer that Causal Directions are unique to humankind?

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Dr. Robert V. Gerard 


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