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Capturing the Moment/Memories: Lacey Davis Photography

Left to Right: Greg Davis, Asa Risner, Sophie Davis, & Cameron Davis

Lacey Davis was born 36 years ago in Baton Rouge, LA. At 18 months old, she was placed in foster care and stayed in and out of foster homes until age 4. Then her biological parents, both abusive, signed Davis over to the state, of LA, where she was part of another foster system. Davis was adopted by the first family to foster her, and they were from Florence, AL, which is how Davis landed in Florence. Davis now lives with her husband and their blended family – two boys from her husband, her daughter, and their daughter.

Davis always had a creative spirit. “At age 15, I had a Creative Writing teacher at Bradshaw who encouraged me.,” Davis recounts. “ I loved to write…but I start taking selfies in the ’90s!” Davis loved taking pictures, but when she agreed to do senior pictures for her step-son, she discovered picture-taking was her passion. “We took them at Tom Hendrix’s Wall,” Davis indicated. “I knew it was a sacred place.” Davis has continued to be inspired by nature. “With this negative climate today, nature is spiritual and makes me remember to capture the simple things – the things people take for granted.” Davis also does images depicting social justice advocacy.

Growing up in the South, Davis had a conservative family. “I knew they were wrong,” says Davis. “ I feel my photography helps be a part of bringing about some change.” Davis also challenges herself to learn. “I had no clue about the Tulsa killings until I watched The Watchmen!” Whether for social justice, portraits, or landscapes, Davis believes in capturing precious moments.

When she was a single parent, she could not afford to have portraits of her children. “I want to give people something they can remember and cherish,” says Davis. “I want them to be able to afford to have their moments captured and to make memories.”



Free Falling


Black buttefly

Humming bird



Caroline Woods photoshoot


At Rock Springs Trail




Drag Queen Storytime


Rally for reproductive rights, Florence, AL

Into the Future:  KKK in the background and Sophie Davis in a rainbow shirt in the fountain at a Pride Rally in Florence, AL


Brae at Juneteeth Florence, AL

                                                                       Project Say Something: Juneteenth


Lacey Davis Image was taken by youngest daughter, Sophie!

Lacey Davis

“My husband decided to buy me a camera on a whim, when we wanted to have senior pictures for our oldest. I shot some pictures at Tom Hendrix Wall. I instantly fell in love capturing the moments we want to hang on our walls, share with our friends and family, the moments that mean the most to us. I am still new to the photography business, but I am certainly willing and able to help you capture all the precious memories you want the world to see.”

Contact Info:  LaceyRee Photography256 856-7189


Victorine Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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