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Blusic: An excerpt from a garden spices blog, Spicy…

So, here I go again, browsing YouTube for songs for the Dusty Record Club.  I ran into the James Ingram-Michael McDonald tune, Yo’ Mah Gon’ Be There.  Good tune, but not good enough for the group.  Then, Michael McDonald’s music kept coming, and there was Michael McDonald with Kenny Loggins singing What a Fool Believes.  I’m gon’ tell y’all, they were singin’ that song with so much flavor.  So much that I watched a live concert with Kenny Loggins; he even had Shanice singing a duet with him.  Sweeet!!!  I was thinking, what makes Loggins and McDonald appeal to me so much.  After all, I seldom listen to their music.  Then, I was like, “They sing Blusic!”  Music sung by white singers sounding BlackWhat?!!

They aren’t the only Blusic singers.  You got your Daryl Hall, Teena Marie, and Adam Thicke.  Oh, Thicke, I know you think you the king, but the king is Bobby Caldwell.  It took me forever to learn that What You Won’t Do for Love wasn’t sung by a Black man.  If you look at his album cover, he’s in silhouette so you can’t tell what he looks like, but we see you, Bobby. Then, you got Average White Band. Need I say more? (See Spicy… to continue)



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