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Block of Code

A closure is a block of code. Code is a system of rules to convert information into other forms. This is not the more associated meaning of closure but I found it appropriate to explore for this article.

“Closures are functions that refer to independent (free) variables. In other words, the function defined in the closure ‘remembers’ the environment in which it was created. A closure is a special kind of object that combines two things: a function, and the environment in which that function was created. The environment consists of any local variables that were in-scope at the time that the closure was created.”

Meet Max. Max meditated, prayed, chanted, affirmed, denied and then manifested a position in his field of study. He could start making scheduled payments on his large student loan debt that would begin in 2 months. He could also start helping his brother with the rent, which made him proud. He was happy. The job was challenging with long hours and constant continuing education but Max persevered. He also met many helpful people within the organization who gave him good advice. Within 2 years management liked him, he had a wonderful girlfriend, was making more than minimum monthly payments on his student loans, had money in the bank and was looking into getting his own place. Life was good and very good.

Corporate headquarters relocated his entire department to another city. His brother and girlfriend encouraged him to stay. Max considered staying to find comparable work but he agreed to go despite his reservations.

Things changed quickly. The people at the new place were not friendly or helpful. He noticed that he seldom overheard conversations but always whispers and hushed tones. His salary did not increase and it was more expensive to live in the new city so he had to reduce his student loan payments to minimums. He was no longer in the flow of good advice so he made many missteps, which cost him promotions and bonuses. He became unhappy and initially kept to himself but eventually attracted other unhappy energies. He began drinking every evening with these energies. The drinking was expensive, especially now coupled with the impulse buying, so he started dipping into savings to cover his costs and then the credit card debt started climbing. He decided that he could no longer make the student loan payments. The girlfriend endured for a period but she eventually left. His brother maintained contact but Max would start fights with him on every call, so the calls came less frequently. His work performance was under review. He met a new girl who added to his burdens. Life was not good.


“Code is a system of rules to convert information–such as a letter, word, sound, image or gesture– into another form or representation, sometimes shortened or secret, for communication through a channel or storage in a medium.” (Wikipedia)

The environment is mind, which holds thought (variables). We employ tools such as prayer and meditation to create, change and sustain (faith) the environment. We choose our thoughts from lack (fear) or abundance (love). Max began with life affirming ideas and created his good to meet his needs and desires. His initial thoughts and acts created code that aligned him to become a channel for his good.

The functions are all the manifestations that come as a result of the thoughts held in our mind. People, ideas, dreams, signs are all functions of the environment created. The function remembers and responds according to the environment created. Thoughts held in mind (storage) produce in kind.

Max ceased to maintain his environment when things were going well and once the shift took place he allowed his fears to create. Sense thought wanted to look for new employment but he never looked within thus converting the energy (environment). He created the blocks in mind that blocked the flow.

We create and convert code (energy) with every thought and act. Max was initially attuned then allowed material successes to become the goal. Materials are not the goal but the byproduct of right thinking and gratitude. Change the code by changing the environment (thought), which changes…Everything!





-Sonja Mathis

Sonja is a native of Atlanta and reformed Southern Baptist. Her travels include the US, Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia (next stop Australia or wherever spirit presents). She studied classical ballet for 13 years, piano not as long, the stock market and insurance for 20 years, business for 4 years in college, long distance hiking for 7 years, and a student of Truth principles for almost 20 years. She is a financial counselor for active duty military, educators, young professionals and seniors. She currently serves as spiritual leader of Unity of Tuscaloosa in Alabama.

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