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Beyond the Light Within Your DNA

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Beyond the bonds of Consciousness, Light exists. It communicates. Light creates a new beginning. Light holds a most powerful psychological phenomenon: it shape-shifts the Universe and your DNA as well. Light empowers astrophysicists to interpret the cosmos and entertains the masses who are drawn like moths to watch fireworks, especially on New Years Eve.

Light energy consists of blending pulsations of particles and waves. Light encompasses a multitude of electromagnetic spectrums, which are measurable. The study of light reaches back to Euclid, 300 BC and vigorously continues to this day. Some of the greatest scientist known have challenged the study of light. As the mysteries surrounding light become revealed, the finding could change the behavior of mankind. In 2004, Richard Hughes, a researcher in quantum cryptography at Los Alamos Laboratories, discovered that by using special coded photons in bursts of light, information can be sent between the sender and receiver. This suggests that properties within the light structures can hold some form of communication. With that knowledge, Hughes became the founder of encryptions, now widely used in the digital scientific communities including: Internet data exchange, security, military and financial banking. It’s actually a language, so to speak.

So, the question for us is the source and receptor of light? What information is being transmitted? Received? What makes light happen and how is the communiqué in light understood. The source of light could virtually be anything from a granite rock spark to a supernova explosion. It could even be a message from God, you know: “The Spark of Life” or a “Prayer” being answered.

“I see the Light.” This infers the ethereal as well as the physical. The biological eye is an excellent receptor of light. Light, whether construed by an animal, a scientific or Spiritual orientation, holds a plethora of mysteries, facts, and ceaseless applications. Light has many mysteries to explore.

Imagine a beam of light traveling across the Universe. You are attracted to it and move towards it effortlessly. Moving at an extreme velocity next to this beam of light, you catch up to its front and pass it. It’s now behind you. You are now in timeless and indefinable space. Is there something faster than the speed of light? Thought…? Intent…?

“Certainly everything in the universe that we see now, at one time before inflation (the expansion of the Universe at the moment of the Big Bang) was smaller than an electron,” Stanford physicist Kent Irwin said. “And then it expanded during inflation at faster than the speed of light.” Yes, you may have learned in physics class that light sets the Universe’s speed limit, but space-time is an exception; it can stretch faster than the speed of light,” remarked Irwin.

The puzzle of “What is Light” takes on a new meaning. Once understood, your Life could change forever. Our puzzle has nine key terms: source, inflation, light, space, time, receptor, communication, imagination and DNA. Let’s play with these and see how your future is shaped. The two primary components are: your imagination and your DNA. What appears in your Mind’s Eye (the ethereal aspect) must be transferred into your DNA. Eventually, that can be projected into the future.

Imagine on a cold winter day, looking out the window, and wishing for snow. Surprisingly, flurries begin. Sense your feelings at that very moment. Unexpected joy. Take for example, you wish for the impossible: thinking about a friend you didn’t see for many years. Then in a short time, this friend calls to visit. There are a million of these happening out there, but gain no attention. In effect, that’s the confirmation that we have power to shape our future.

Everything begins and ends, except taxes. What took place 13.8 billion years ago also takes place within your body continuously. It’s all a repetition of the same Recipe of Life. “Out of the Unknown, came everything,” as it is said. So, where do you think your wishes go? What happens to an idea? What’s the purpose of thought? It’s all about creation and manifestation. It’s what keeps the Universe and civilizations expanding. It promotes experience and learning. You hold the process that shape-shifts your future, and this places you in the center of it.

I’ll try to give this some justice, but here’s what takes place. First, take a deep breath, relax and clear your mind. Now wish for something real.

1. Your “Will” is your source 2. Imagination identifies and forms your wish 3. Light depicts the picture with energy and color, your wish is real to you 4. Your DNA’s Receptors captures the communication of your wish 5. Information is transacted into your DNA 6. Inflation of your wish is activated 7. Time in the future is initialized and your wish is set into motion 8. Space captures the energy of your wish 9. Your wish materializes into Reality 10. Consciousness expands

This is the never-ending storyboard of Life. It uses the same elements as the Universe, only on a personal level. Before the “Big Bang,” was the Source of All actually God? On a minute side of Life—you are the source—the source of the storyboard of your Life. Understand why physicists work so hard to find the quantum theories of Life? Because they want to know what the Source is, how it works, and where it’s going.

Remember what I said in my previous article about your DNA: “… many of God’s functioning templates of Life … you possess.” What’s inside us wants to get out. Like the Universe stretching across the Unknown, so do civilizations explore the Unknown? But as a human, do you know what path you are designing into your future? Will you stretch beyond the Light?

Have Fun. Peace and Health,

– Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Robert V. Gerard brings 49+ years experience in Senior Management, Financial and Marketing. He currently serves as a Senior Partner within Green Way Pavements directing Financial, Marketing and Training Operations. Robert keeps a super positive attitude and enjoys presenting information to enlighten individual pursuits in both personal and business sectors. Robert’s educational and professional qualifications include AAS (Associate in Applied Science) in Civil Engineering Technology; B.S. in Social Psychology; M.S. in Human Resources Management; and a, Doctorate in Metaphysical Philosophy and Psychology. In 1997, Dr. Gerard published Change Your DNA, Change Your Life! Now in its 3rd Edition and translated in 13 languages it is still going strong.  Robert has authored 11 books, written dozens of articles, and tours internationally as a Seminar Leader for his works in Human Development Skills.

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