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"Bella Has a New Home," Rosemary Summers

Updated: May 3, 2023

Rosemary Summers

The astonishing works of Rosemary Summers are widely collected and celebrated. Always evoking emotion, her vibrant renderings often depict relevant themes, always dimensional and comprehensible.

Summers shares a video showing the hanging of one of her most precious works, "Bella." Not only do we get to view Bella, we also learn to hang art on plastered walls, in this case, a beautifully wallpapered wall. We also see another one of her gems at home with the same collector. Gate open.

Hanging Bella


Artist Bio

“I grew up thinking I was special. Dad and mom planted the “I can do anything seed” in my heart when I was yea high. They planted within me the spirit of love, belief in ideas and gave me that precious ability to hope, to feel greater than my surroundings, to feel invincible, to push beyond the pain, and deal with reality. Yes, my loving parents thought I was “Special” and could do anything I put my mind and heart to. Well, I couldn’t prove them wrong, so I worked hard to prove them right. I expressed my artistic passion early in life.

My dad worked for the city of Detroit as a Sanitation Engineer and from time to time would bring me these fabulous stones and books he found on his route. This ignited a flame in me and created a strong curiosity for the unusual and extraordinary designs in just about everything. Brown paper bags were my canvas to draw abstract lines, figures, and fashions. I have won several awards from State Competitions in fashion design and painting.

Upon graduation from Kettering High School in 1971, I was accepted at Michigan State University College of Human Ecology. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Retailing of Clothing and Textiles in 1976. Between 1976 and 1990 I painted murals, implemented fashion shows, taught arts and crafts to youth, and started my own jewelry line called “The Summers’ Signature Collection”.

I have designed for Gladys Knight, Diana Lewis, and Eartha Kitt. In 1990 I received my Masters of Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University. I simply love creating compelling and unique fine art as well as designing fabulous Art Jewelry and am thankful for this unique gift. My joy comes from my customers. I sincerely enjoy lifting the spirits of women all over the world with my art.”

Rosemary Summers

Tignon Woman

Black women of 1790's Louisanna was prohibited to wear their natural hair in public. Consequently, these creative women used fabric to wrap around their heads. These headwraps were called a Tignon.


Date Night-Unmaked

Narrative: Depression is real. Many people put on their happy face mask daily to do those necessary things but deep inside they suffer from depression.


Contact information: Umoja Gallery

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