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Avenues of Insight 


Insight has many definitions and applications of its usage. The meaning I favor: the act or results of understanding the inner nature of things, concisely best serves me in this article. The real quest is the depth of insight I need to arrive at to claim satisfaction. For example, how good is God? Can I get to the point of knowing a reasonable answer, and once I did, would that hold my satisfaction or prompt me to look further into my quest? My immediate response would be, “No, there’s more to explore and learn.”

Another quest for insight is space exploration. When I read about galaxies being 30-trillion light-years apart, I grasp for another breath. That’s an enormous distance. It’s incomprehensible. So, my curiosity propels my quest for more insight. But could I ever travel that distance?

In my most recent Newsletter, I presented a few arguments on the subject of “Good and Evil,” which I’d like to explore with you further. These are down to Earth insight quests, and I might find some satisfaction or sensation to exhaust my curiosity.

First, let’s explore the inner nature of goodness. One of the best ways to measure that is by your physical and emotional sensations. How do you feel when experiencing goodness? Does that make you happy? Does it make you want to create and do more? When I help a senior person struggle to cross a street, I feel accomplished. I feel compassionate when I help a child in distress over a fall. To give food to a stray dog, I feel kind-heartedness.

How deep can we go with our goodness? Finding insight into our awareness of goodness is a never-ending probe into who we are. Is there a way to measure insight and verify your capacity for you to understand goodness better? If so, what does goodness mean to you?

Now let’s take a look at evil. What kind of insight do you seek when it comes to investigating or exploring the depths of evil? One could say evil is a penetrating field of annoyance. It moves me into the opposite energies of goodness. For me, exploring the depths of evil sends shivers down my spine. One good reason is that any insight into the possible result of evil makes me feel uncomfortable and bothersome to imagine. Therefore, I can infer that most people tend to avoid dealing with evil, except in movies.

Nonetheless, evil exists. Maybe the underlining purpose of evil is to provoke corrective change. If one is too complacent, a little conflict could be rewarding. According to some religious teaching, that was God’s assignment to Lucifer. We can’t make heaven boring, can we? So, applying insight about evil could be a service for the individual and humanity itself.

Does consciousness collapse with evil? Whereas, what causes consciousness to expand with goodness? These are valid avenues of insight.

As you can see, there are insights to consider when looking at goodness and evil. Therefore, I believe insight to be a tool of intelligence. With that intelligence, one could better equip himself or society to see the truth of what is being investigated.

I want to conclude the notion that insight serves as a gift of human intelligence and should never be ignored. We build our character, morals, and societies based on expanding goodness and changing the energy of evil to acquire goodness. Therefore, everything must be done hour by hour and day by day to find the deepest level of insight into those things that matter most important to us. Not to give up halfway, fault or not being thorough enough, or being exhausted with a pursuit from which we can’t find satisfaction.

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Dr. Robert V. Gerard 


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