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“I am an attractive male in my 40s a with a great work ethic, a spiritual foundation, a practice in martial arts, and a warm personality. What do I need to do to find a good woman who is mature enough to accept a good man?”


My first question is, “Are you fully invested in having a mate, and are you spending time discovering who you are and working on yourself?” Often, I have seen individuals that were looking for a relationship, who fell into the trap of diligently searching for a mate, without taking the time to get to know and fall in love with themselves.

For your first step, I would suggest you get in touch with who you are. Hone in on any traits and characteristics you think may need work and any areas that are challenges for you. Tap into working on your own issues – your own space. Once you feel comfortable with your space, you will be ready to attract who you are looking for. When you feel you are ready, definitely put yourself out there. I have witnessed many people who successfully found mates implementing these steps.

Once they were comfortable with themselves, they were open to meeting people in various places, for example, at church, the library, or on the Internet. They were constantly making themselves available, not just waiting for their mate to fall in their laps. They let the universe know they were ready for love, and they were doing what it took to find it.


Cammy on her deck writing


A minister, co-owner of her family business, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and fierce friend, Cammy has built up a treasure trove of relationship advice all for you. Please send your questions to: Ask Cammy,


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