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An Expose´ on Intent

Intent serves as a priori for human creation. But it’s Intentions that serve as the driving force for humankind. Ironically, research explains that Intent and Intentions interrelate but are virtually the same. However, I’d like to propose a slight difference or angle to them.

I believe that the human Mind grasps for intents, from which a mental process begins. Intents initiate a purpose that can be in the form of a feeling, an imagination, an idea, or a dream. Intentions further materialized Intents. Intentions are the schema, a series, or an ongoing design that moves the communication from the initial purpose [Intent] to its completion. Like a layer cake, the Intent acts as the bottom layer, and Intentions build upon modifying the Intent to adjust the planned outcome.

My preference, therefore, is that intent signals the initial cause, and intentions subliminally build upon that. Case in point, which statement feels more authentic?

(a) Is it God’s Intent to bring peace to humanity?

(b) Is it God’s intention to bring peace to humanity?

An intention precedes every thought or action. Hence, we have thought streams (repetitive thoughts), which many people do not even recognize in thinking.

Some people talk without knowing what they are saying or trying to say, and many conversations get caught up in gibberish. On the other hand, I can assume you have encountered a person talking, and the dialogue goes nowhere or is lost. So, sustaining intentions during a conversation or speech is vital.

Here’s another perspective example to consider. Suppose you have a picture of a beautiful young lady taken twenty-five years ago. Today, she’s aged and looks older. Which one of the following statements reflects kindness, love, and emotional respect when showing that photo to the person in the photograph? Chose (a) or (b):

(a) “Wow, you were so beautiful in that photo!”

(b) “Wow, I see so much beauty in that photo.”

Each statement carries a different intent, as well as a different consequence. How you express your thoughts does not necessarily state your intention. We need to discern what we are saying and the consequences of each. How we communicate keeps the world in motion or ends us in conflict.

So, what generates or destroys humankind depends on the collective of intentions? Let’s do the math; 7.8 billion people average about 30,000 thoughts a day. That equates to about 234 trillion thoughts being generated around the globe each day—like radio waves generated by our smartphones. Most of those intentions better demonstrate positive and harmonious thought streams for humanity is to survive.

The flow goes like this:

· Intent generates Intentions

· Intentions create thoughts

· Thoughts set the body in motion

· Thoughts change the world 

· Thoughts are the building blocks of tomorrow

Okay, we’ve got the basics down, now let’s add another two dimensions. The premises that bring us learning and growing to fulfill Life experiences are (a) our intuition, which serves as the primary source of intents, and (b) Soul Intentions, which brings us to what your Soul has set up for you to experience. We must realize that our Soul knows what’s best to learn for our Highest Good, the Good for Others, and the Planet. It’s obliged to serve you in this capacity.

Thoughts generated by these dimensions are: (a) initially ethereal, intuitive, or Soul driven, and (b) are rational, brain driven: sub-conscious or conscious activity. But beyond our intuition, it’s Soul Intentions that prevail each of us. Soul Intentions constantly nudge us along our journey to become Self-Masters. The Soul serves our connection with the Universe of the good and beautiful beyond our senses. They are ever-present. Therefore, we need to remain open-minded, listen to our inner voice, and hone our intuitive imagery with both dimensions. Doing so keeps us focused, helps us find completion, and offers us growth.

As you can see, it’s all about Cause and Effect. Setting the Intent (a Cause) is vital to arrive at a completion post-priory moment (an Effect). For example, saying grace before eating a meal puts loving energy onto the table and body. It also honors the cook and puts value and respect for the food we are about to consume. Then, when you finish eating, you have a good feeling.

Your Soul has the intelligence and capacity to initiate an Intent on your behalf. It knows your lessons to learn and have a more fulfilling life.

Here’s another excellent example of Intentions, but it takes awareness, focus, and discipline to master:

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”—anonymous.

In this case, you need to continuously sustain Intentions to focus on your thought streams until the Effect materializes.

So, be cognizant. Set the Intent to have fun and prosper. Use Intention as a recipe to enjoy Life. Listen to your inner voice. Your intuition or your Soul could be opening the window of your Mind and moving you forward in Life.

Robert Gerard

Robert Gerard

Dr. Robert V. Gerard 

Copyright © 2022 Robert V Gerard

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