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A Visit with VBGold Creations

Updated: May 5, 2023

VBGold at Grey House Gallery

This year, I embarked upon a new creative venture. I stumbled upon it; I just wanted to give a few handmade gifts to friends, and those friends insisted I make more. VBGold Creations was born.

Here's a visit with Camp Goldston, which includes my studio for VBGold Creations.

VBGold Creations

Necklaces with yarn, rubber, silk, gemstones, and African beads

My design process evokes memories of my Ancestors, not just the joy but the pain of the time during which they lived.

I use cotton eyelash and handspun yarn, which symbolize the strife my ancestors endured picking it.

Rubber represents the Great Migration; rubber meeting the roads to the North where there were hopes of better living.

The gemstones represent strength, prosperity, protection, wisdom, health, beauty,

and restoration,

all reflections of Grandmothers/Ancestors.

While many of my creations bear names of inspiration, they all reflect the collective family of a familiar village.

The knots are symbolic of cherished love.



VBGold Creations

256 335 2689

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Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC
Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC
May 05, 2023

Thank you. I hope you enjoy them.


May 05, 2023

Your jewelry is so unique! I love it! So glad to own a few pieces!

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