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A Love Supreme, from spicy...a garden spices blog by Victorine

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Wiki Media Commons image: John Coltrane

Coltrane's music was transcendent; it flew beyond our expectations into the realms of spirituality. Even before I knew of such things, I knew my father's music was enigmatic and that this piece, A Love Supreme, initiated some higher ground. The word "supreme." So don't blame me if I cannot find a place for the actions of a court dubbed "supreme," a court whose actions cannot possibly hear/see the beauty of Coltrane. What to do?

That's what Mr. K. and I discuss. "I'm looking for solutions," he advocates. "Staying in the problem won't help." I was so angry at recent rulings regarding Affirmative Action , Loan-forgiveness, and discrimination, that I could not hear Mr. K. But Coltrane calls me to recapitulate and find solutions rather than dwell in my state of pissoffity at the rulings. What?!

Mr. K. advocates for education by promoting the free program Khan Academy and says that the strife for excellence in all we do, including every type of work, will take us to higher ground. I call for a semblance of a Black Panther-style remedy of community action - empowering through teaching true history and promoting individual self-worth. We have to create services that educate willing students, as well as provide preventive healthcare information, but I pray we do not need firearms to keep us safe. And like the Black Panther's platform (Power to the People), I place no limitations on who enters the door as long as the conscious action heralds "love supreme." How to start?

If you have encountered Mr. K., you already know about Khan Academy and the need for excellence. Action. Project Say Something and other organizations provide educational, health, and wellness tools to support conscious living. Action. And don't tell me you are too old. Become an elder, a living ancestor for giving wisdom and guidance. We have been there and done plenty we can share with young folks that lead. Each action we take to teach, inform, and encourage what we envision shuts out the noise of systemic chaos and speaks the truth of who and what we are love supreme.

Joy Juice

"Action is the magic word." Think about what you can offer, and give it. Everything starts with the spirit, which means your individual process initiates the collective impact/movement to higher ground. We got this.

"Don't you let nobody take you to a low level Just keep on and keep on until you reach higher ground Don't you let nobody take you to some low, low level Just keep on and keep on until you reach higher ground" - Higher Ground, by Stevie Wonder

“It’s all good/love/God”Victorine


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