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Yoga Teacher Q&A with JL Yoga

Justin Linderman, (JL)

“Do you give homework to students?”

JL- Yes. Always. And lots of it. If they can’t pass the test at the beginning of their next class they have to sit in the corner and alternate between ujjayi, breath of fire and nodi shodhana wearing a dunce hat until their Kundalini energy shoots out of their crown chakra and knocks the hat off. Bonus points if the hat sticks in the ceiling, extra bonus points if they knock a hole in ceiling and burn a hole in their rug/mat from grounding their root chakra.

“What is up with 50-minute classes nowadays?”

JL- Do it with breath of fire and you can be in and out in 30 minutes, perfect for lunch breaks

“Why do all these classes start you out in child’s pose?”

JL- I make all my students start in crow pose or handstand for 5 minutes then we do chaturunga for 10 minutes. If they talk or whine I make them do all that with breath of fire.

Those are the days I feel nice. Usually, I have a whip or cane for when I get backtalk.

“Anything to add?”

JL- JL Yoga coming soon to a studio near you!!! Maybe?? Once I think about it some more…don’t hold your breath. Unless I tell you to in class.

But I get distracted easily and ramble nonsense about chakras and rooting/grounding and love ‘n light and energy and letting go but still being authentic so don’t let go of you so your own lil guru within can be your lil light of yours so you gonna let it shine…..

so yea just breathe when you need to.


-Justin Linderman

Justin is a self-employed all around average good guy. (The good part is up for debate) He enjoys spending his time truth seeking, being a skeptic, and finding the humor in the aspects of yogaland that are in need of change. Sometimes accused of being a Social Justice Warrior other times just an a**hole. Could claim to be a yoga teacher but isn’t actively teaching because truth seeking and being a skeptic is more fun. Probably a court jester in a past life. Will never be accused of not sayin’ something. May the force be with you. Winter is coming.

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