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Without Knowledge


Wisdom is a common cure for a soul without any knowledge

Without knowledge of knowing where they or it may come from.

Commonly given facts of one’s history cannot be taken incorrectly.

Definitely, when pretending the wisdom of an inaccurate hardship,

I can psychologically find understanding with your soul

Without finding the depth of your heart.

Seeking someone’s soul cannot prosper unless you properly love them first.

Simultaneously shifting our gears will allow a true impact of love.

If I feared your love, would you seek strength towards my weakness?

There isn’t a time frame on a person’s worth.

A soul will lock instantly or slowly.

Seek guidance in your heart, even when your pursuit has found happiness.

Love yourself even when you feel the least.

Understand that.

Two souls cannot lock without the correspondence of self-righteousness

Meaning: You cannot expect love to fall out the sky, then things last forever.

Everyone isn’t meant for each other and we have to understand that.

Find your own happiness then everything else will follow.

Self-love is the best love, 2nd to God’s love.

Be Humble and

Be patient.


-India Mebane

20 Years Old

Attends Austin Peay State University

Wishes to become a very famous poet or R&B /Jazz Singer

Very Optimistic about her future

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