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With this pen, OOI write my heart and mind open. OOI write this mystery unraveled. OOAnd I write confusion clear.

OOThe depths of the universe, OOthe nature of being, OOflow from the silence OOin me, OOfrom all Space and Time OOinto this pen.

They lay themselves down OOin ink OOthis page.

By use of this pen OOI may visit these thoughts OOagain, OOperuse these conclusions, OOagain, OOoffer this event OOfor another’s consideration.

I create, OOname, OOdefine, OOunleash, OOcorral, OOshape, OOsort, OOcommand, OOcurse, OOdefy, OOforgive, and bless

OOall that is, was, or will be, OOwith this pen.

I touch the hem OOof God OOwith this pen.

© 2021, Tekla A. Syers All rights reserved.


Tekla A. Syers resides in Chicago as a student and teacher of metaphysics; smitten grandmother; dabbler in culinary arts; semi-retired fund development and nonprofit management consultant; and a craftswoman. She enjoys music and art in myriad forms and makes time to observe and reflect on why folks and things are as they are.

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