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When Surrender is Victory

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There is one thing about the Phoenix out of the Ashes scenario that we so often overlook. The phoenix willingly steps into its nest and fully abandons itself to the all-consuming fire, only to rise up out of the ashes as a glorious and empowered phoenix with the plumage of the most resplendent peacocks.

The phoenix relinquishes control, period.  The key to finding our power is surrender. I know we’ve been taught that to wave that white flag in the air is a sign of weakness, of admitting defeat, but in my experience, when I finally raised my white flag to the sky as a symbol of my condition, all of Heaven was there to support and carry me.

It is the exhausting swimming upstream that keeps us wrestling with our proverbial “demons.”  We have a white knuckle response to life and our circumstances and as long as we have a death grip on the very things we are struggling with we remain a prisoner.  In our endless determination to hold on and maintain control we channel all the inner power we have just to keep our resistance going. So every morning that we wake up, it feels like we are back at square one.

When we try to maintain control we have no way to counteract the tape that plays in our head over and over. Oh, we might put a new slant on things, but usually by the end of the day we find ourselves drowning in emotion once again.

The hamster wheel sooner or later, needs to lose its appeal. It is time to realize that “trust” is the real issue at hand here. How do we trust the Universe, trust God, and trust Source?

The law of detachment tells us that in order to successfully bring something into our lives we must be detached from the outcome.  Instead of looking at our life through the “keyhole,” detachment opens us up to the fields of infinite possibilities.

When we let go and decide to trust Life, the weight we have carried on our shoulders begins to fall to the ground, and the realization of the added freedom we begin to feel as we move throughout our days often makes us feel off balance. We may stumble and teeter as we try to find our footing. We have identified for so long with having an extra “appendage” to drag along day in and day out that everything can feel amiss.  In some ways we can become tempted to bring the weight of our burden back. Like a child without their security blanket for the first time, our very essence screams out to keep our knuckled white death grip of control because we are unsure how to be without it. Uncertainty stares us in the face and all the “what ifs” begin to sing their miserable song again in our heads.

It is at this place that we must choose. We must embrace the darkness and take that first step into the unknown. Here is where we find our power. It is the mud to our lotus blossom, the cocoon to the butterfly, the yin to our yang. If we just would have the courage to turn our backs on fear, we would run smack dab into the face of Love! There is a scripture verse that says “perfect Love cast out fear” and regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this is so true.

Fear keeps us small. We will never be able to show up in life large and Divine if we continue to let fear dictate our lives. We will live beneath our privilege. Instead of having a full cup to share with others we will remain the beggar content with just crumbs from the table.

I will now tell you that even as I write this I am having a hard time doing so. It is because I am right there with you. This is something I am currently learning to flesh out for myself. I still bear the wounds of bleeding knees as I crawl along but I can feel that wellspring in my heart rising. It beckons me to “come.” Come and be courageous, come and dare to choose differently, to take up my mat and walk and find healing.

I want to walk in my power as I know deep down every human being on the planet does as well. So today I ask you to stand with me.  As we feel the summer Sun’s energy infusing the earth with fertility and growth, lets embrace it as our own.  Raise your white flag high, put fear under your feet and begin to trust Spirit to work out the details of your life.  Know that whatever you had planned for life to look like, on the other side of trust is a picture far more beautiful and amazing than what you could create for yourself!

Find your power. It is the Divine paradox, in your weakness you will find strength, in the darkness of uncertainty you will find eyes to see. Answer the clarion call and the manna that is set before you will bring nourishment to your parched soul. Close the door on fear and without judgement; step away and into the Phoenix’s nest. You will find yourself covered with a garment of splendor and beauty and you will discover a strong current to carry you to places that are miraculous!

I leave you with the words of one of my favorites sages: Rumi, who in his wisdom said:


“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out

of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It shakes

the yellow leaves from the bough of your heart, so that fresh,

green leaves can grow in their place. It pulls up the rotten roots,

so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever

sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.”

― Rumi


Today is the day people. Today I walk with you. Today we replace fear and doubt with love and trust so we can truly live and so it is!

– Cheryl A. Midgétt-Gwin

Cheryl a Waldorf inspired teacher and the owner/director of The North Wood Child Enrichment Center. She is passionate about people and the world around her. Cheryl especially loves inspiring children, and loves seeing them have a thirst and hunger to learn. She is fascinated with all of humanity, and truly believes that people are the most beautiful creations! Cheryl lives in Florence AL and you can often find her digging in her garden or writing on her front porch.


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