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This Issue: Time!

This issue: Time!

It’s time for our annual blessing:

We wish you Happy Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Id al-Fitr, Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa!

With loads of gratitude, these wishes extend from our hearts but are the extent to which Garden Spices addresses the upcoming holidays. However, we extend blessings to all who celebrate their traditions.

We are here, at this time, in the midst of a moment so charged with energy that sometimes it is indefinable. What we do with it is up to us; we define what we hope to see, transform, embrace, and/or sink into. Be quick…the moment dissipates with the blink of an eye.

According to Rev. Wanda Gail Campbell, Ph.D., our featured Contributor in Blossom, time means very little when we consider our continuum to evolve and heal. As we age, we see time reflected by our life ventures and family. In Running Out of Time, by Susan Peters,and Where Did It Go?, by Rev. Bobby Yarbrough, we realize time is elusive, beckoning us to remember but to stay in recognition of the now. We are immersed in a time when we cannot retreat. We are called upon to Seize the Moment, Collette Jones, and Dr. Joyce Brown tells us It’s Time to Call a Family Meeting. While we are poised to act, we remember those who did through Deborah Gray-Young’s A Walk in Time. In My Take on Time. We are invited by Linda Isbell, to discover Astrology, as a tool to navigate time. We’ve got photos by Lacey Davis, and I share my visit with Tresie Lewis Kinnell.

We also welcome our Guest Contributors from Facebook who chimed in with their thoughts on time:

Cynthia Paris Burkhead –  Time is not on our side. Oppressed peoples don’t have time for us to wait and see. The Earth does not have time for us to wait and see.

Jennifer Davidson – You can never make up lost time. Just live in the moment and be mindful and present!

Karin Panaino Petersen –  It means constant mindfulness and sharing my conscious calm with those whose lives are whirling around in the madness.


All of our Contributors take us to life encounters, challenges, sage advice, and joy, as we abide by a concept that is said to be an illusion – Time

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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