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This Issue: Rest!

Happy New Moment!


My annual greeting for the New Year invites another moment to contemplate/activate our existence, to live and love strong. One of the chief Contributors to the mission of Garden Spices, Author, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Advocate for all things positive and just, Susan Peters, transitioned on December 14th, 2022.  As a sister-friend, Contributor Dr. Joyce Brown wrote an article beckoning Susan to Go Rest High on That Mountain; Susan is finally resting.  While I never let anyone but my spirit dictate the topic of our magazine, I listened and honored Susan’s request:

Vicki, I have a recommendation for the next word. I suggest REST, and I plan to review the book Rest Is Resistance a Manifesto by Tricia Hersey, founder of the nap ministry.”

On the heels of Susan’s intention,   Hersey’s book is our Featured Image, and this issue pays homage to an essential to our well-being – Rest.

Contributor ChristineLiz” Larue invites us to take time for stillness, Breathe. We understand that rest is Required,( Jonathan David Cain), (Tekla A. Syers), is Essential, (William Leroy Kennedy), and can sometimes be Complex, (Dr. Robert V. Gerard). Rest cannot wait for Fear, (Deborah Gray Young), Stress, (Dr. Russell Clayton), and can foster clarity when we rest in life’s processes (Rev. Dr. Bobby Yarbrough). By invoking vibrational rest, (M. LaRae), we can move into the New Year with ease, setting intentions and activating them. (Rev. Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell).

Rest gives us the power to create art(Mikel Elam, Pamella Allen, Nadene Mairesse, Victorine, Christina “Liz” Larue).  We take time to enjoy gathering for great food, (Sweet & Savory Soul, LLC, Sarin’s Thai, Sugar Pearl’s LLC).  As we pay tribute to Susan in Stepping Stones: (Khalid Scott, Laree Alston, Dr. Joyce Brown, Victorine), we heed the words of Susan Peters for Insightful Aging.

We start this year abiding by what our minds, bodies, and spirit tell us; rest is always at our core of maximizing our vitality.

Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Garden Spices Magazine

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