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This Issue: Laughter


“Get a hold of yourself!”

I can’t!  I scooped our Featured Image from family friend, Teasha Renee.  She was traveling Amsterdam, and this photo caught her in an uproar of laughter that says it all.  Sometimes we laugh so uncontrollably, we spiral into simultaneous crying.  We all know how awful it is to try to contain these bouts,  so here’s our permission to let ‘er rip!!!

Guest Contributor, Marqueeta Newell, invites  us to experience Laughter Yoga to enhance our health.  We have memories of loved ones here and gone that spark our laughter.  We also have memories of incidences and events that  catch and capture us in winsome smiles that endure until transforming into at least a chuckle.

We are reminded by Rosalind Stewart-Jackson in Lost Laughter that even within the breadth of grief, we can embrace that sometimes elusive gut of emotional release called laughter; it can be therapeutic.  Almost sacred, some of the best laughter is on behalf of our own antics.  And then there are pets, like parrot, Pepper, aka, Chicken.  One look at this parrot’s antics and we can’t help  but laugh,  Thanks, RJ Starr and Pepe Villegas.  (You always knew he was a star.)

Our Contributors also share their vibrant artwork, artwear, photography, fabulous food, and, of course, we had to include the satire of JL Yoga.  In our finale, we embrace the mission of Garden Spices in Stepping Stones, which assembles diverse and random voices in a progressive poem.  Every contribution takes us to a place where we want to grab our bellies and remember the gift of merriment.    So…

Gate open!

Vicki Goldston, aka,  Victorine Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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