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This Issue: Freedom!

This is our second Anniversary!

C_UsersUserDesktopAfghan picturesCaptain Carter and little chlidren

Major Jason Carter with kids in Afghanistan

Two years ago, a team of light workers gave birth to this magazine that embraces diversity. Today, we are holding on to our hats with political rancor, talk of guns/mental health, and their victims, divisive populace, all blowing the wind. Our hats are still on. With Garden Spices, we have the freedom to write what we feel. So, for this Anniversary, as Michael Beckwith asserts in his song, Energetic Shapeshifter, “We might as well give in and be happy!”

As we embrace the word “freedom,” there is so much to learn from this concept. Sometimes freedom is within the recognition of what binds us, as in Dr. Anna Lott’s article in Hello World! Ironically, sometimes our work can free us, as in Author, Susan Peter’s Goin’ In: Writing is My Freedom. However, as we feel how each of us has made our way to understanding freedom, we must all look to our featured columnist, Jason Carter, and his column, E-mails from Jason.

His e-mails  depict a soldier who made a choice to serve his country in Afghanistan and the every day events that impact his life. In this tour of duty, we get to see how soldiers come to a sense of diversity and how they must yield to it to complete their mission.  There is no drama in the presentation – just every occurrences.

Our mission is to continue to serve the universe with diverse voices that speak to life and how we express art, culture, faith, belief, science, etc., etc.

Gate open!

vicki goldston

-Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Founder, Editor-in-Chief


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