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The Warmth of Energy: Home with Nedra Camille Shelton

“That’s Nedra,” we declare, as Nedra Camille Shelton takes us into her world of compassion, fire, and unconventional thinking. “People are just different,” is her mantra. As one of her oldest friends, (since second grade), I have fumed at the very thought that I succumb to this notion of compromise in today’s times. However, this is how Nedra rolls, with confidence and assurance, never wavering.  Her home welcomes family, friends, and wide discussions to an array of warmth.

On my last visit to Chicago, style, vision, and insight are what I experienced at Nedra’s home. Garden Spices connected with the juju of her space, and the energy generated by Chicago women from all walks of life – Victorine


Welcome! The foyer.

Center hall, space to gather and buffet.

Living room with hues of grey, splashes of color, and African accents. Nedra was surprised to discover the warmth of grey.


The living room captures this assemblage of dynamic women of Chicago. Gathering throughout the house, we filled ourselves with food, wine, champagne.  In ceremony, we shared past professions and present passions.  The energy was off the chain!

Left to right:  Joan Williams, Sheila White, Joy Gill, Sharon Bell, Vicki Goldston, Janis Gipson Lenora Green, Deloris Jackson, Patricia Smith, Linda Hicks Robinson, Sheila McKelvie, Donna, Susan Peters, Pat Kline, and Nedra., and revealing of what we were professionally and the passions we have grown into.


African sculpture makes way for dining area, complete with small bar.

Where it all starts; the kitchen The adjacent hallway allows viewing and stools for conversation.

Powder room/bath in black and white.

Family room:  Nedra’s house pays homage to Africa in every room.  Guest Contributor, Charlene Carter’s painting commands the room.  (The image looks like Nedra when she wore the largest ‘fro in Chicago).


Nedra Camille Shelton recently retired as a Systems Analyst for the University of Chicago Hospitals.  She is a mother of two and grandmother of 7.  She fills her life with loving family and her social clubs, The Beautiful Sisters and PWN.

Nedra and I ‘captured’ at DuSable jazz event

Victorine, Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Garden Spices Magazine.

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