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The Birds and Bees

My two cats are passionate about catching birds. The resident Mockingbirds have been attacking Simon and Sheba, relentlessly. But the cats aggravate them, swishing their bushy tails to taunt them. They make me laugh! A bird flew into the house yesterday. The cats were a tag team and chasing this poor bird around the house. The weaver would hide but the cats would wait patiently, for hours. When it would reappear, a free for all would take place. One broken vase and a house disrupted, the cats finally had the bird cornered. I think the bird thought I was its last hope, and finally let me pick it up. I carefully cupped my hands around the weaver, trying to calm it, as we walked outside. I opened my hands. The weaver flew a short distance and landed on a wooden beam. I felt l the, relieved and exhausted, weaver looking at me saying,” thank you”. Namaste!

I am a very passionate person! Home, yard, food, cooking, organizing and sex are my most compelling. I really enjoy myself. I love planning, learning and executing my visions. Seeing things manifest pleases my soul. Now that being said, I apologize for having dust on my cobalt blue glass collection. I am a perfectionist! I’m the first and fastest to be critiquing something I did. When it’s perfect, I try really hard to not yell out, “Oh my God, this is awesome” But, if it is not up to my standards, you can bet I’m already figuring out how make it better. That’s just the way I am.

At 65, I am finally being kinder to myself. I cut myself a lot of slack these days. It feels good, but sometimes awkward. I am trying to temper some of my passions; I want to be less of a pain-in-the-ass to others and myself. However, I am NOT being critical of myself, when I say my cake is over-baked or that my closet isn’t very organized. I am refining, analyzing, reflecting and deciding how to improve it. That IS my passion! It’s ME! That’s who I am. My Energy! I’m not perfect and that’s that!

My yard has been planted, redesigned many times; and, each phase had its’ purpose in my life. Now, I’m into simple and easy! Straight borders and one elongated oval planting bed define my garden. The flowers and shrubs are beautiful. The bees are passionate for the nectar of my phlox. I have achieved my heart’s desire. I can cut fresh flowers for my table from spring through fall. The football mums are starting to bud right now. I’m so excited!

Picture this, if you will.

“The moon is rising while a light, Northwestern wind blows cool. The breeze spreads the fragrance of sweet phlox and freshly mown grass. The two cats play a game of chase. The fire pit is aglow with embers. Another couple of logs are added, creating a blaze, which wraps a blanket of warmth around my body. The fire light reflects off two wine glasses. They are carefully placed on a tray, with a bottle of Gewürztraminer, Gouda cheese, red grapes, homemade rye bread and butter and a sprig of garden roses. The tray rests on a big, old quilt; stretched out on the grass. I am here, with my love. We enjoy our passions!”

I pray, whatever God may be, my passions will always be alive and well!

Thank you Carol Tuttle –

– Peggy Havlik Posch

A retired caterer and florist Peggy has lived in Chicago, Northwestern Indiana and Florida. Passionate about gardening Peggy now calls Killen, AL her home.  Gardening has given her the  ability to be patient. Peggy also loves animals and has raised birds, cats and dogs. Animals make my spirit hum. She is learning to be friends with snakes. She feels like Dr. Doolittle and is at her happiest when she is in her garden, playing with and observing her pets.

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