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Thanks for Listening: “Unity, We Must Have Unity, United We Stand Divided We Fall!”-O Jays

Photo by Jose M on Unsplash

The fabulous OJ’s unity message is concise and to the point, but how often does the tune come to mind? The current political situation in America and the world makes the notion of unity seem like a thing of the past, which ponders the question, how do we bring more unity back into our fractured situations?

We could begin by trying to be less judgmental and more willing to help others see our points of view. Also, way too many people have become one-issue thinkers. How can we help others lighten up and realize the diversity of serious issues impacting our lives?

Can we put ourselves into the shoes of others, feel their pain, and understand their reasoning? Admit it: We very often operate from our points of view and give minimal regard for how others think.

If we look closely at the individuals within our spheres of influence, what can we do to move toward them or have them move toward us concerning today’s pressing issues?

First, giving a damn, then being willing to communicate about things that we individually feel are critically important. In other words, how do we go about helping to create unity concerning essential issues?

There are no magical formulas; we must be willing to reach out to related others and have them approach us to begin moving, thinking, and acting unified.

Thanks for listening!


William Leroy Kennedy

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