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Rise Up


What’s on my mind in the middle of the night when I’d love to be sleeping but insomnia strikes:

I’m reading a lot of posts these days about women, angry and in a rut because of their ex/jobs/money/current love life, etc…

Girls. I feel you. I really do. We aren’t all going through the same thing but we have a process in common and some reprogramming to do.

See the thing is, when we were young, we were given doll houses and babies to play with. Domestic living was embedded in our truths. We grew up with an idea in our heads that we’d someday get married, have a home and be found by our Prince Charming. Maybe babies, maybe jobs, but regardless…. The chord of domestication was there.

And then we woke up.

We realized we wanted more. We wanted to be loved more deeply, respected, paid, to be successful, to no longer struggle …. We wanted to have the freedom to live our truths and keep our honor.

A childhood friend of mine, who’s now a single mom to two kids, wrote that she was struggling to get to the bus for appointments with her kids in tow, and thinking about how her ex has a 4bed 2 bath home and a Benz just for himself, while she struggles to survive in a studio for herself and the children.

It was heavy on my heart. I’m proud of her for ending an unhealthy situation and for claiming her worth. But I know it comes with hardship.

I laid in bed awake tonight thinking about my own struggles, my own challenges… And the challenges my sisters face. And I’m wanting us so badly to RISE UP and commit ourselves to autonomy; to total independence. To financial and situational freedom on our terms, using our incredible creativity and dedication.

It doesn’t mean we can’t love, marry, have children…. In fact, quite the opposite!

Do as your heart calls, but stay true to your independence and learn to really be financially self sufficient beyond your marriage, your family or the system!

I’m calling out to any and all of you who are drowning in the struggle, to connect with your inner genius and creativity, and craft a healthy separateness in your life.

I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m not saying I have all the answers.

But I do know that IT in itself IS an answer.

Rise up.


-Navae Lukas

Navae Lukas is a lover, mother and artist, passionate about human connection and self expression. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she now lives in Portland, Oregon but travels often and loves to experience new places and cultures. She is a brand stylist that specializes in authentic artist development for the music industry, but loves to write as a way to express her heart, connect with and impact others on a deeper level. 

Photo Credit: Rachel Maroudas was the editor of the photo

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